Cake Break - the gift that keeps on giving :D

I had a text today that really made my day.

I held a Cake Break at work on 10th May and raised £275 so was feeling quite pleased anyway. I always raffle off a cake or cupcakes and this year I wanted to do something special. My son had bought me Cake Days by the Hummingbird Bakery so I baked their Sweet and Salty Chocolate and Caramel Cake for the raffle.

The teacher that won it managed to freeze it until this weekend for her 50th birthday as she had lots of family coming over. She sent me a text to say it’s a real hit. Her eldest son has gone sailing and has phoned her to make sure she is saving him some and her mum has had 3 pieces already.

I had had a practice run (just one layer) at this cake the week before my Cake Break as the caramel and the frosting were a bit tricky but I was still worried that the finished cake wouldn’t be up to scratch so I’m so pleased that everyone is enjoying it.

I really want to work my way through the whole Hummingbird book but the cakes aren’t cheap to make so it may take a while :slight_smile:

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. I pulled up a few weeds in the garden while making the most of it. I’ve also got two loads of washing dry as I think it’s back to winter tomorrow …

Tracey x

Fantastic result for your cake break! Brilliant amount raised and the “Sweet and Salty Chocolate and Caramel Cake” sounds absolutely ymmmy!

Hi Tracey,

Wow, that’s fantastic raising all that money. The cake sounds lovely, I love salty caramel and also have recently discovered Green and Blacks milk chocolate with sea salt. Not usually a chocolate fan, but this is yummy! I have one of the Hummingbird bakery books, and my son went through a phase of making their Red Velvet Cupcakes, which were to die for. Might have to dig it out again and make some goodies.

Keep up the good work!

Alison x

Nice one for raising all that money T.I thought you were going to tell us you’d made Weed Cake…Actually thinking about it

S xx

Thanks everyone, I love baking but always get nervous when it comes to other people trying my cakes. Lots of my friends keep suggesting I put myself forward for The Great British Bake Off but that would just take all the fun out of baking for me.

You should have seen my face when the catering teacher said she loved the taste of my bakewell sponge. :smiley: A far cry from my school days when my old domestic science teacher used to screech at me and I used to drop everything as it came out of the oven he he he. She was a dragon …

Tracey x

I’ll try again as my first reply has been ‘queued for moderation’ and if it’s anything like all my others will be lost in the ether forever :frowning:

Thanks everyone, I always get so nervous whenever anyone new tries my baking. Some of my friends have suggested I put myself forward for The Great British Bake Off but I would mess everything up because I would be too nervous. It would definitely trigger a major spell of clumsiness!

You should have seen my face on Cake Break day when the catering teacher said she had enjoyed my bakewell sponge, I was smiling from ear to ear. A far cry from my school days when the domestic science teacher used to screech at me, usually just as I was taking something out of the oven, so I used to drop it all over the floor. Although my best memory of that is the time when they forced us to make the biscuits for a staff meeting and we dropped them on the floor but hastily picked them up and served them to the teachers anyway he he he.

Woblyboy - I didn’t know weeds could be used for cakes. I pulled up lots of weeds yesterday from my garden if you’d like me to bake them into a sponge for you? Perhaps best to avoid the dandelions though, my mum always said they make you wet the bed and I’m sure your bladder is enough of a problem anyway with the MS? :wink: (smiles innocently)

Tracey x

Sorry T,I’ve made a hash about the kind of weed that’d be going in the cake.Oh,ref the innocent smile, me bladder is alright with ‘fluid management’ when I’m playing out, and seeing as I’ve been on the wagon for nine months I don’t piddle in the middle of the night

Your Mum is right about dandelion,'cos if I drank a big bottle of Dan+Burdock I’d probably have a wet dream,so to speak

Wb x <(L)>

ps What happened to the dear old Bakewell Tart?

Oh so you actually want #cake? I do a nice battenburg?

As for the bakewell, I didn’t have time for pastry as well so I put a sign on it saying Bakewell Sponge - I’m not a Tart!!

T x

T, no wonder the catering teacher had a ‘Happy Face’ with you re-categorizing the Bakewell Tart.That’s fine as long as a sponge is a sponge and not a scrounger.

S x