So proud!

So proud of my 12yr old daughter and her friends who organised a cake break at school and raised £229 I was gobsmacked! This was only the kids who bought the cakes. It wasn’t open to parents! Well done!! Tc Heather

how nice of them!

i keep intending to bake a cake but i think i’ll procrastinate instead

carole xxx

that`s brill! Your lass is a little gem!

luv Pollx

brill heather! hope u r doing well.

ellie x


Hi Heather, Lovely bless her that is a amazing amount, well done to her. Nice to see your name pop up, how are you ? Take care ans well done to her again. love Karen xxx

Well done girls :slight_smile:

Thats so good! Well done to her and her friends!

well done girls !!

jaki xx

Well done ro them. No wonder you are so proud :slight_smile:

Tracey x

That’s fantastic! Well done to your daughter and her friends x