Share your stories?

Hi everyone!

I’m a newbie, having only joined today! My brother has relapsing remitting MS. I am now a volunteer for my branch of the MS Society (Chester & Ellesmere Port). My first challenge is running the Chester Half Marathon on 12th May! I really want to raise as much as possible and raise awareness of MS. I also really want to let people who have donated or who are thinking of doing so, know where their money might go.

I was wondering whether any of you have a story to share with me, where you have benefitted from the work that the MS Society does, nationally and in the branches, so that I can share them? Obviously stories that I share will be anonymous if you wish.

I’m so keen to raise lots of money and awareness, but I’m finding it hard to tell people what happens with their money.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. Tara x

My best pal us running in the Sheffield half marathon for the south yorks centre which her mum in law works for. She has been raising funds for the last 5 years…then 2 years ago I was Dx- total bolt from the blue. They both suggested I join a centre- Hertfordshire. The centre has given me a chance to receive discounted treatments an offers a sanctuary- I can talk to people and feel less weird! Good luck with all your efforts. X

Hi, apart from this forum, obviously, the other benefit I have experienced from the MS Society were the MS Essentials publications which were really valuable for me at time of dx and since. They provide info about MS, sypmtoms, treatments etc… in paper form. I am aware that they do a lot more but my experience is quite limited. Hope someone else has a bit more input…


A few important things that the MSS do: pay for some MS nurses; invest considerable money into MS research which has lead to significant breakthroughs (e.g. myelin repair, botox for bladder); run this forum and a helpline; provide objective information for free; help people to buy essential aids such as scooters; campaign endlessly to raise the profile of MS in government and the media as well as pushing for support for people with MS.

Good luck with the run :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks everyone, that’s all really helpful :slight_smile: x