Happy Birthday Shepherdess

Hi Shazzie,

I hope you have a lovely day - remember calories don’t count so enjoy your cake.

Many happy returns hun

JBK xxxxxx

Happy birthday Shazzie, hope you get spoiled rotten :slight_smile:

Hi Shazzie

Happy Birthday

JBK is right, birthday calories don’t count, it’s the law

Blow your candles out and make a wish (it’s no good wishing to be young again, the birthday fairy has saved that wish for me lol!!)

Tracey xx

Happy Birthday Shazzie, have a great day. Enjoy the cake :wink: Linda x

Happy birthday Shazzie xxxxxx

Awwww, Thank you so much.

I am having a nice take away for tea. What shall I have? Miss Millies is my favourite!! Chicken is good isn’t it??? Lol!!

Thanks again for the lovely messages!!!

Shazzie xxx

Happy Birthday Shazzie,

hope you have that extra Friday feeling and a wonderful weekend ahead of you :smiley:

Sonia xx

I’ve never heard of Miss Millies - Norfolk is such a backwater . We will probably get one in 30 years’ time when everyone else is sick to the back teeth with it …

Happy birthday to you

J x

Many happy returns of the day. Hope you hae a good one. Linda x

did ya get any good prezzies - tell me tell me tell me. hehe

JBK xx

Happy Burfday to you

Happy Burfday to you

Happy Burfday dear Shazzie

Happy Burfday to you.

lots of luv, Pollyxxx

Awww. What lovely messages.

Thanks for the song Poll. Was boootiful!!

JBK I got a lovely purse bag and silver necklace from hubby Dave. The purse bag is really good for shopping. It’s difficult with a stick to carry a purse and mobile phone so this is gonna be a big help. It’s just big enough for my mobile phone and little purse.

The boys are coming for Miss Millies at about 6 so I don’t know what I will get from them till then. Looking forward to seeing them as they both moved out in January so this is my first birthday without them living here.

Also got money, choccies and wine.

Lovely Jubbly!!!

Shazzie xx

Better late than never :slight_smile: HAPPY BIRTHDAY xx

Happy birthday Shazzie, hope you’ve had a great day. Love n cuddles Lisa xxx

Hi hope you have had a fantastic day!

Freckles xxx

I had a brilliant birthday yesterday. Lots of lovely prezzies and visits throughout the day.

I decided on Miss Millies in the end and it was delicious. Tracey, have you heard of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken in Norfolk?) It’s the same as that.

Really enjoyed the day, especially the lovely messages from you all.

This is my first birthday not being at work and I was dreading not seeing my work friends on my birthday. But they all emailed and telephoned me so that was nice.

Hope you are all doing ok.

Shazzie xx