Great day yesterday/proud mum

I had such a fantastic day yesterday, one of the best in a while. I started to relapse last week and was put on a 5 day course of oral steroids and yesterday was day 3 and I could really see a difference in my walking and energy levels. It was my little boys sports day and I hadn’t made him any promises if I would be able to go or not as didn’t want him to be disappointed if I was too unwell to go. Well I managed to go and watch him and it was a big family afternoon out! My parents and my sister came with me (we were his cheerleaders out in force) The atmosphere for a kids sport day was brilliant especially as we live in Glasgow and we host the Commonwealth Games next month. My boys face when I attended was a picture and every couple of minutes he would shout over to me and wave! Such a brilliant feeling to see how happy he was that I was there.Wee sat up on the hill around his school pitch and soaked up the sun and really enjoyed the day. He told me afterwards he was “well chuffed I made it” I also received his school report card and I was abit anxious as it’s been the first since I was diagnosed with MS. I’ve been open with my son on my illness and wasn’t sure if this may have impacted a little at school. Well his report was amazing, my dad even said it’s been his best one yet! He is excelling in his class at Mathematics and literature,becoming more confident with being open and sharing his opinions with his classmates! I couldn’t be more proud of my son. So we all had ice-cream and cookies after school as a celebration for all his hard work. Just a fantastic day all round, it’s days like yesterday that keep me going and give me a real boost for the days ahead! Sorry for long post proud mum moment lol :slight_smile: Hope everyone has a good weekend! Take care Polly x

Sounds like you are sooo proud and you have every right to be. Whole day just sounds like a brill day from start to finish for you and your family. It’s the littlest things kids say that can make all the difference. I know my kids keep me going Hopefully you’ll keep going from strength to strength. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Em x

That’s lovely to hear. Kids deffo keep me going. My daughter asked if i minded her using my illness as the topic for her GCSE English oral test. Not a problem for me. I’m just so proud that she is able to talk about it and she’s confident enough to do so in front of teachers and her peers. :slight_smile:

Hi Em I am hoping so, day 4 on these steroids only tomorrow to go! With all the excitement of yesterday I’m having a lazy weekend don’t want to over do it too quickly. Polly x

Hi Vinnygirl You must be really proud as it raises the awareness of MS also. It’s great she has the confidence to go up and speak about it. Being honest I don’t think it something I could do just yet but our kids just continue to amaze us! Polly x

It sounds like a fabulous family day out. Children are amazing at keeping us grounded, and keeping us going I know my three are super special, and make my life so much easier.

Freckles xxx

Sounds like a lovey day out, you’re right to be proud. Seems to me he’s proud of his Mum too. Jan

Ahhh Polly.

Sounds like you had a lovely time and that your son was proud of you for getting to the sports day. I bet he and you will remember that day forever. I hope there are lots more days like that.

My sons are now 26 and 25 and as I was diagnosed when they were 14 and 15 I was very concerned what sort of impact my diagnosis would have of them. If anything, I am sure that my having MS has contributed towards how caring, kind and well balanced men they have now become.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Shazzie x

brill happy post to read.


brill happy post to read.

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Ah Polly That was lovely to read. It sounds like you all had a lovely day. No wonder you are so proud. I hope you have many more good days to come now that the steroids are beginning to work Tracey xx

Hi everyone Thanks for all your lovely replies it really means a lot. I’m on my final day of steroids today so really going to pace myself this week as it’s my little boys birthday on Friday and we away for a few days with my mum and dad to Cairnryan. I’m hoping we will have just as much fun as we did on Friday. Polly x