gotta get a new hat!

Good afternoon playmates!

Just had a visit from eldest daughter`s partner. She and the kids, oscar 14 and Emma 11, were at their taikwondo class.

Daughter divorced her ex 5 years ago, after an unhappy marriage. I dont need to tell you anymore than that, but divorce was the best thing and we had to pick up the pieces for our girl.

She met Mark a couple of years later and they`ve been together 3 years. He is a good lad, with a good job and loves our family very much.

Anyway, he`s just asked for our blessing as he intends to ask Karen to marry him!

How old fashioned and very sweet!

My hubby shook his hand i gave him a hug.

Then my hubby said, Im not paying you know!

Mark said I wouldnt expect you to.`

Ahh, who ses romance is dead.

Oooerr, I hope she says yes!

luv Pollx

Wow! What lovely news. Congratulations Poll. Better start searching for a nice wedding outfit huh?

Thanks hun. Ill be making a long dress, but Ill have a job finding shoes to match my new bag (catheter fall out) Ha! I quite fancy a fascinator, as sitting in my wheelie with a typical Mother of the Bride huge brimmed hat, will stop me seeing everything! I fancy purple!


yes poll, wear purple!

i wear a lot more purple than i did before ms

its a good colour for eccentric women who are past the first flush of youth

(sorry poll i didnt mean to be rude)

carole x

Great news Poll - I bet she will say yes! Teresa xx

That’s a lovely piece of news Poll. Fascinator sounds just the job. I wore one recently at my nieces wedding. Linda x

Ah that’s lovely news. A nice way to end a stressful weekend for you

sharon x

What fantastic news!! Congrats to them!! And a wonderful day for you to look forward to

Kate x x

That’s fantastic news Poll. Best wishes to them both xx Sara xx

Excellent news!

Wonderful news

I’ve heard so much bad news in the last few years, bad things always seem happen to good people So I always find it lovely to hear the good stuff too

Sonia x

Yeh, it is a lovely warm feeling, to be planning what to wear to a wedding.

This time, it will be much esier, as I`m not arranging the wedding.

Dunno if he`s actually popped the question yet.

She will say yes, im sure. If she doesnt , shes bonkers! He`s a pretty good catch!

It`s 2nd time round for both of them and they each had control freaks, who treated them very badly.

They deserve some happiness.

puv Pollx


yes poll, wear purple!

i wear a lot more purple than i did before ms

its a good colour for eccentric women who are past the first flush of youth

(sorry poll i didnt mean to be rude)

carole x

[/quote] Ha Ha!!! My favourite colour! I’m about to order some lilac elbow crutches - eccentrics of the world unite!!


What amazing news. I too am re-married and have been for the past ten years, tell your daughter to go for it. My two boys and I have never looked back. Good riddance to all the controlling partners out there.

I am so glad to hear such good news and I am sure you will rock it in purple!

Helen x

Lovely news Poll, congratulations all round. If you can’t find a hat, my 17 year olds got a purple beanie with your name on it!!! x

Ah lovely Poll.

What happy news… and a new hat Poll… fabulous being mother of the bride!

Pat x

Hi, the happy couple came to see us last night.

The ring is simply fabulous. Not loud and flashy, but platinum with a square of tiny diamonds…just classy and beautiful.

No plans made yet for when, where and who is invited.

This is one wedding where all I have to think about is what I shall wear.

Think I`ve gone off purple in favour of black and red…to match my hair!


Did you go for red and black glasses in the end Poll? I thought of you yesterday when I was trying new ones on!

Sharon x

Yes I did hun. Havent heard if they are ready yet.

Youve prompted me to give em a call…thanks.


Glad to be of service Poll