life`s a bitch

Hi, just following on from hellms post. My now 41 year old daughter, said when she was 16 and facing grown ups problems, Lifes a bitch and then you die`.

I thought this was a terribly sad thing for a young person to say. It upset me.

But since then, she has had a few struggles and bad luck seems to have given her more than a fair share.


next Wednesday, she is getting married for the 2nd time and I wish her all the luck in the world.


Hi Poll

Oh I wish her all the luck in the world, sounds like she is due a bit.

Also hope the Mother of the bride has a fabulous day as well, and of course, the rest of thee bridal party, how exciting, do so hope it all goes well.

Pam x

Ps freezing here, sat here with a hot water bottle!

Awww Poll.

I am sure that your daughter has inherited your strengths so will be absolutely fine.

I hope your daughter and her otherhalf has a truly magical day and hope that this is the start of much happier, brighter times for her.

Hope you and yours enjoy the day too. I bet you will look gorgeous in your new outfit.

Love to you all.

Shazzie xx

I wish your daughter the best of luck in her marriage and hope you all have a lovely wedding day. Hope her dress has a matching coat, it’s really starting to get cool now.

Enjoy it. Cath xx

I hope next Weds is a fantastic day for you all :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Wish her luck and happiness Poll!

Pat x

Thankyou all, very much for your good wishes.

Yeh, it wil be cold on the steps of Huddersfield Town hall.

I have my lovely new cape coat.

I`ll be posting all about it next week.

luv Polllx

Good luck Poll, Wishing you all a wonderful day. Nina x

Hi Poll

Really hope you and family have a fantastic day-you deserve it. xx

Thankyou Stevie and Nina.

luv Pollx

best. wishes and enjoy xxx

Thankyou Pauline