Hi all.

How are you doing, weather a little cooler here just now and just had a good thunder storm lasted about 2 hours.I do hope things pick up a little as my daughter is getting marrade next sat lst sept. l do hope l can last the day ( any tips ) me & her dad are very proud of them both they have sorted most of the wedding out which has been a big help to me, one more has left the nest l may be able to get a little cottage someday as my house stairs are killing me.

Take care all Regards Jan xx

Hi, How lovely, fingers crossed for the weather. Find a comfy chair and be the mother of the bride and let everyone come to you (a bit like the queen)and remember we are the gang/group. Take care, M

Hi Jan

Oh how exciting, fingers crossed for good weather, and I agree

with M sit down and be waited on, save your energy.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Pam x

when my sister got marriage a few years back because she was living with her future hubby folks didn’t know what to get them so they gave money and my mum became the banker so the only time she moved was to visit the little ladies room and at that time someone took over her handbag containing the money. My mum had arthritis so couldn’t dance and also it gave her an excuse if anyone asked her, what happened was folk came to my mum to chat

Dear Jan

I hope you are going to take the oportunity to rest today, I think 1st Sept is a ‘cool’ date for a wedding.M

Hi Jan

How did the wedding go?

Hope you are


Hi All, many thanks for wishes on Angela wedding All went very well she looked wonderfull we all had a brill day.

I took it slowly all day sat down when l got the chance. Dad had a few tears as he walked her down the red carpet. The photo man was at our house at 9.30 and stayed with us till about 5pm can t wait till we get them back, The sun was out but to hot. The hole day was at the same place so no one had to run around for the meal or night disco we stayed over as well got up for breakfast with all the inlaws made it a very nice weekend.

It was nice to catch up with frends we had not seen for a while, every one said there had a brill day l wish l could put her wedding photo on here to show you all how she looked. Take care Jan xxxx

Glad you had a wonderful day Jan and that Angela looked beautiful. Hope the photos are lovely. Here’s to many happy years of marriage for her and her husband. Teresa xx

How lovelyvery best wishes for a long and happy life together. M