Suns out

Hi all, how you all doing l have been sat looking out of the window at my little garden with the sun shine beeming down on it. The grass to wet for hubby to cut it he realy wanted to get one last cut before winter sets in. New grandaughter came to see me oh she is so tiny l felt l could not pick her up worryed right hand would drop her so daughter passed her to me feed winded up on my left sholder she went to sleep, daughter said that she would take me home to do night feeds as she does not settle for them. No news on selling the house l did ring the office they say bad time to sell l just wish it would go soon. What are you all doing at the weekend weather has forcast sun for sunday hope they are right may have a run ( in the car ) if the sun is out. I have not been up to much reading just wondered about putting a kindle on my xmas list dont no.Val Wood is coming to our Smiths book shop sat going to get her new book and for her to sign it. I find them a good read. Well washer has stoped so daughter going to hang washing out l will pass her the pegs that about all l can manage wobble to much to hang it out. Regards to all take care keep warm Jan xx

Jan, I have also seen the sun today which actually made me giggle as my husband relented and put the winter duvet on 2 days ago. Sounds like you’ve been having some lovely time with your girls :slight_smile:

We have nothing major planned for the weekend and that suits me just fine as I’m quite tired after a week at work and last weekend was quite frantic in terms of rushing around.

Hope the lawn gets a mow and you have a lovely weekend

Sonia x

We also had some sun in London … wasn’t up to going out but was lovely to see it.

Crab apple tree outside my window: Actually there are two crab apple tree but only one right outside my window. My tree usually goes beautifully red in Autumn but this year it just went yellow and then the leaves dropped.

Today I notice that the other tree… just a few yards further down the street… is still covered in beautiful red leaves.

Strange eh?

Wonder why.

Hope y’all doing well,

Pat x

The sun came out here, I put a skirt on feeling very cheerful (with thick tights) and went to visit my friend. Thanks to me trying to get my balance, hold my stick and the car door I had no free hand so my skirt was up round my waist with the gust of wind that knocked me of balance in the first place. Gave all the workmen putting in a new water pipe a chuckle. Well hey I believe that if you make someone smile you’ve achieved something good. If that’s the case I’ve been brilliant.

Well that’s twice in two days that I’ve showed myself up. Yesterday I basically launched myself at the dentist as he’s had my chair almost horizontal while he did my filling, raised me up quick and I’d obviously not got my equilibrium right before I stood up. Bless him, it’s a good job he’s a hulk of a man with quick reactions or it could have been much worse.

Tomorrow I’m wearing trousers and staying at home before my reputation suffers. At least I had my new Bridget Jones knickers on. Dressing for comfort has its advantages. I think it’ll be a quiet weekend. Just got in from my sewing class and have new skills to practice.

Take care everyone. Cath xx

lol, oh bless you Cath. I am ready prepared this year with some uber thick woolly tights so will be flashing nowt! I bought some new work shoes from Hotter and they definitely need wearing soon so I will have to dig out the tights :wink:

Sonia x

Hahaha… Bridget Jones big knickers…

Last time I was at the dentist I bit his finger. Luckily he laughed…

Pat x

Oh well, it brightened up someone’s day. Today I’ve reverted back to trousers but Sonia those woolly rights are both lovely and soft and warm. I’ve got a few pairs.

Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend. It’s piddling down here and the estate agent just rang to say I’ve a viewing at 09:30 tomorrow. Who gets up early on a Saturday, I’ll have to tidy up tonight before bed.

Cath xx

That’s just wrong, if they wanted to look round my house then PJs would be a live-with!

Hope the viewing is worthwhile:)

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia. I don’t know why but I’m totally knackered and could sleep all weekend. This stupid fatigue has really taken hold and every joint is stiff. Got so much to do but I’m sitting on the sofa just summoning enough energy to put the kettle on for my tea and tablets before bed. Definitely need to get up early.

Goodnight All

Cath xx

Hello everybody,

Well the sun was out in our garden and i was puzzled by all the birds that were playing merrily in and out. Found out why they were so chirpy!! They were eating the grapes from our vine. To day the window cleaner said they were drunk. I hope they enjoyed there winter tipple.

Jane x

Hopefully their tipple will keep them warm, bird version of a hot toddy? It’s cold here in the Lakes but looks like a bright day. Thermals are my saviour.

Take care. Cath xx

That is so funny!

This morning I had my usual great tits feeding at feeder… and then I heard lots of chirping in crab-apple tree… looked out and saw it was full of long-tailed tits! Such sweet little things and there must have been about a dozen of them.

One of the great tits sat on the feeder watching them… obviously worried they were going to steal his food (I know that feeling).

Sunny, breezy and rather gorgeous here today.

Pat x

Hi all, weather taken a turn cold frost maybe snow. My garden birds are about but not eating the fatball that l have put out my feeder is near a wall and l think that the cats that are near sit on it and put them off have tryed to move it around the garden, Its the wild bird count this month if they do not come back my count will be 0 .I don t put seed out as they drop a lot then l have to weed the flower bed not a job l can do well. Take care regards Jan

Hi all,

Sun here today but very windy.

Keep warm everyone.

Pam x

Hi Jan, Maybe you could try sunflower hearts …they don’t leave a mess and they don’t germinate so no weeds. Birds going crazy at my feeders…think the frosts must have killed off all the little insects. Sunny but cold here in Herefordshire. Take care everyone Nina x

I think we had a woodpecker on our lawn the other day but I didn’t have my glasses on, so I can’t be 100% sure… it made me chuckle as they usually zoom off if they see you at the kitchen window! So yes, typical the bird didn’t fly and I can’t be sure what it was. I love seeing the woodpeckers just for their crazy colours.

Sonia x