Hi guys

How you all doing weather a bit cooler here near east coast, helped hubby do a car boot sale well sat on a chair and chatted to people as there passed us made a tiny bit of money and de clutterd a bit of the house still trying to sell house people want you to give it away but l need to buy a bungalow so need to stick to asking price. Grandaughter took her first steps this week not bad at 10 months she will be running soon hope l get out of her way in time. well time to lok what we can have for tea, take care all regards Jan


Hello Jan,

10 months is good going for your grandaughter. Yesterday was my friend Simon’s great feast. He has an upstairs toilet but my genius wife bought a camping toilet tent and put it up just outside his back door. What a relief! No stairs to climb. Today I’ve just crafted some scones for us all; my wife does the rolling and cutting. Our 22 month old daughter loves them. Good luck with the house.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Jan

So glad its cooled down from the intense heat, and that you enjoyed the boot sale. I don’t go to hardly any now, but love it when I do.

Enjoy your grandchild, doesn’t sound like she is going to stay a baby for long, she will be running soon, and be into everything then.

Pam x

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Hi Jan, Sounds good. Walking at 10 months!!! Wow. That’s girls for you… early walkers.

Nice to see you on here. I’ve been wondering how you are.

Pat xx

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Hi Jan,

pleased you were able to get back on here!

remember when my first grandson took his first steps…enjoy every moment Jan, it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

my once tiny grandson is now a strapping 16 year old, yet it seems like only a couple of years ago!

Nina x

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Yah boot fair grand daughter and tea what a combination. I used to love boot fairs did them all the time and miss them lots. Glad you had a good time and hope the house sells soon. Don


Hi Jan,my liitle grandaughter was walking at 10 months too,lol,shes 19 months old now,and is so good with technology now,she amazes me…the only thing that baffles her is my ancient nokia,she doesn know what to make of it,but give her an ipad and she scrolls away lol…

J x

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