Wedding Anniversary

Having a celebration today for our 32nd wedding anniversary which isnt until the 20th of October but we are celebrating today as Lee is away with work on the 20th. Ive woke up completely woolly everything feels weak but hopefully it will be a good day…Ive tried to keep it simple both my sons are across from Glasgow and Jonathan as bought his inlaws. they are staying in a travel lodge near by, some are staying with us ,but they are all so lovely …talk about pushing the boat out they are all here for the party tonight …i used to do brilliant parties i must have been so full of energy, anyway we are just ordering a Chinese takeaway for 14 people… the Chinese delight in Frodsham is amazing and so it seemed like a good idea.

Michelle x


That so great Michelle! Many congratulations!!!

Hope you have a fab time tonight. Send some of that Chinese my way!!!

Lots of love,

Pat xx


Happy Anniversary Michelle.

keeping it simple is the way to go. Chinese takeaway sounds brilliant. Haven’t had that for a while and am now feeling very hungry. Hope you have a wonderful evening with your family.



Congratulations. Have a brilliant celebration.



Congratulations both, hope you had a lovely party.

Pam x


32 years eh? That is some feat eh? No wonder you are celebrating.

Hope it was a good evening and sorry I am a bit late. PRoblems with typing etc, the usual thing.

Give my love to Frodsham used to know it when I was young.

Anne x


Congratulations darling xxx


Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages. It was an amazing weekend, I cried when they all went home…I think its sheer exhaustion. I love my boys and their new families so much. Ive wobbled emotionally and physically since they went. On Monday i had a call from Cheshire Carers there’s a scheme where they ring you up every week just to see how you are…i think the floodgates opened i really cried, sometimes i feel such a fool , its hard because my role is being a Carer to my Autistic children but im also the sick one too now. Im on a mission to get a new wheelchair too mine isnt worth spending any money on…Ive worn it out going on all my adventures, it was second hand so ive had more than my moneys worth. Im really hoping that the NHS will provide one but after reading their criteria i’m not sure. Yesterday i went to see a second hand one at the shop mobility in Chester it had been donated i was so excited it was £250, but it was awful, i had a ride in it …my daughter would have killed me if id have bought it, she wouldn’t have been seen anywhere near me…she 13 and shes got style…not that my chair is anything special… but this was like an old car seat on wheels!!! I hung my head in shame as i test drove it around Chester even Frazer looked shocked …his expression was “no mum please not this one!”

Thanks for listening, ive got fly got a bus to catch to Rochelle’s, im seeing my little Granddaughters today.

Love Michelle and Frazer xx


Hi Michelle what about trying to get a grant from this site,if you fit there criteria they would give you a grant for an electric w/c i think all you need is a letter from a dr ms nurse or OT .you can apply on here for one.

J x

Thanks Jackie, unfortunately I still do not have an official ms diagnosis. I have letters supporting my need for a wheelchair from my ot and social worker so if I don’t get one from the NHS there may be other charities that I can apply to. Michelle x

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Congratulations to you both, I hope you had a lovely time celebrating

Sonia x