Wedding Anniversary

Weve gone away for our Wedding anniversary it was 35 years on the 20th of October. Last night we stayed in a premier inn in Harrogate, we are now on our way to a little cottage near York. I’ve had a few stressful weeks my daughter has had some problems so weve been helping out with the twin granddaughters they are nearly four and have autism it’s been mad in our house especially with having Ben with aspergers and Molly autistic 18 year old and isabelle my hormonal 16 year old . I’ve aged in this last couple of weeks I really have . I’m lucky because I’ve had a good package of support from the social worker, for years I’ve had direct payments so I haven’t had to cope on my own . I’m not so bad with mobility un my house but I’ve felt exhausted. I’ve had to take one of them with me out and about. I’m quite good at having one on my knee and negotiating the streets of Frodsham. We have had a few smiles from the locals it must look funny seeing me and Frazer my assistance dog and a 3 year old under a big umbrella in my wheelchair. My sister June is looking after everyone while we are away and my other Carer is on standby so I think they will manage without me. I hope everyone else on the forum is keeping well. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hello Michelle. I think you need the break. I’m resigned to staying at home for the rest of the year due to treatment. My daughter Rose was 7 on Saturday so she came round for presents and hugs. Now I have a chemo day on Wednesday which will send me into some unchartered point of manic oblivion.

Take care. Woof x

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wow, shellyonthebeach, you deserve that holiday…i have my two grand kids (4/5) on the week end and love them as i do i’m glad when they go!!..enjoy every break you can get away for…Happy Anniversary both…

Steve Snore…Happy Birthday to your daughter…good luck with the chemo

Hi Shelley

Hope you both had a lovely well deserved break.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Pam x

I hope the holiday did you some good. You are a testament of goodness to us all. well done on your anniversary. Jane x

Ahh, it's so emotional to listen to these romantic nights and weddings. I think every woman deserves a break like this. For a married woman, it's hard to keep the pace she had in the beginning.

Call me an old cynic - but I find the idea that these VERY old posts are being resurrected as a not very subtle way of looking like there has been increased traffic on the forum by the powers that be???
I can see no reason for them otherwise. Just my view.
Elaine :thinking:

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