feeling nostalgic

Five years ago it was my daughters hen night. someone just put up a picture on Facebook. We are all looking good and up for an evening of fun. Don’t you just hate it when you are suddenly confronted with what you used to be like. No stick or crutch in sight. I partied the night away with no thought to the ms. Mags xx

Hi Robin,

I know exactly what you mean…March 2011 was my daughters wedding and i danced the night away it shocks me seeing the pictures, do you ever feel that you want to roll back time and reverse it all? I still haven’t got definate answers and I often feel a rush of sadness and denial, last night i fell outside i was trying to walk a short distance just to see if i could…I ended up falling 4 times on the gravel, my knees are a right mess

Michelle x

I have a group of friends from all over the UK every couple of months one of us organises something and we usually make a weekend of it. I haven’t been anywhere with them all since a year gone Christmas but this weekend I was in Oswestry Shrewsbury celebrating the wedding of one of our friends, I had a great time and everyone was so helpful, not obviously so but I felt looked after in a nice way. I am going to Turkey with them all in June and am now more confident it won’t be a complete disaster.

Having said all the positive stuff I have to admit that at any point during the weekend I could have easily collapsed in floods of tears for what was and now is. I didn’t and would rather poke myself in the eye with a red hot needle than show any kind of self pity. This MS lark is relentless but guess what so am I when I need to be and I’m sick of missing out on all the fun. There are another four events organised so far this year and I’m a maybe for them all…till I get myself organised and change the maybe to a yes, sod the bank balance and sod my failing body I’m not beaten yet!!

Jan x

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