3 days until the big day

Hi all i hope you are all as well as can be

As most of you have probably seen in previous posts Im getting married and its only 3 days until the big day.

Nerves are kicking in, muscles are spasming in my back and ribs and I dont think Iv had a decent nights sleep so far this week!

Theres so much stuff left to do! Iv got the table plan n name places to pick up, favours n bits and bobs to pack, dresses to pick up (hopefully my little flower girls dress fits now as was too small at the last fitting), other bits to collect and of course all of the finishing touches like nails, waxing (i currently have two caterpillers for eye brows).

But for 1 day I get to be a (hopefully) pretty bride and im just hoping that for just 1 day my MS doesnt rear its ugly head and lets me enjoy my day!

not really looking for replies just needed to get it off my chest as not everyone at the wedding knows about my ms.

Sam x

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It will all come together. Have a fantastic day!! xx Julie xx

hi sam

you go and enjoy your day!

if ms tries to gate crash, take a deep breath and give it another 3 breaths to p*ss off!

you will be surounded by people who love you and you will be the bravest, prettiest bride ever.

sending all my love and best wishes.

carole x

It will be a wonderful day Sam. You will look beautiful, even the weather is going to be sunny :slight_smile:

Everything will get done. Have a wonderful day and enjoy being the centre of attention. Good luck. Linda x

Delegate as much as possible. What really matters is that you are marrying the man you love so just enjoy your special day. It will all come together, I’m sure.

Good luck

Tracey x

Have a great day-enjoy


Have a wonderful day Sam, everything will be fine. No need for nerves - you’re doing the one thing in the world you want to do. Just smile, other people will take care of everything else.

Wshing you all the very best for the future.


Ah have a great day!! Good luck xx

Have a wonderful day xxx

Have a great day - enjoy every moment - it will be lovely. Best wishes for the future.

Jackie xx

Think of the ad on telly about the monthly’s and tell MS to s*d off. Have a great day and really enjoy it. X

Hoping you have a wonderful day, and don’t give MS space in your head that day, enjoy

Polly xxx

Don’t stress about the little details - your wedding day iis about affirming the love you feel for each other and making that commitment public, so concentrate on that ( and on looking beautiful ). Have a wonderful day.

Thank you all so much!!

Im off to a great start… Just tripped down a step and hit my arm… Im praying for no bruising! Although if it does at least it will match the bridesmaid dresses haha xx

The little bit of advice I give to people getting married is to not worry if all the details don’t happen the way you plan. Most of the guests won’t have a clue what you’ve got planned, so if don’t have the time or energy to get everything sorted, they won’t have a clue and won’t notice anyway. And they’re not there to be part of a ‘perfect’ wedding - they’re going to see the two of you declare your love and commitment to each other; that’s all that matters. My big regret from my wedding day was that I spent too much time trying to sort stuff out that, really, I didn’t need to, and not enough time savouring & enjoying the day. So you take care of yourself, and concentrate on really loving your big day.

Have fun!



Good advice Dan!

Remember what is important - you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Enjoy your day and don’t get stressed about the small stuff.

Have a lovely day Sam and very best wishes to you and your ‘soon to be husband’


i agree with so much that’s been said. as an old (er) married man i say: 1] its your (and your groom’s) happy day so enjoy it. 2] as elmo said, delegate 3] everyone there will only want you to have a great day, so sod anything you can’t be a*sed with. lots of hugs and best wishes for an excellent day, as the wise words go ‘because you’re worth it’ xxx

Thank you all. The day went perfectly but all seems a distant memory now.

Currently in Gatwick airport waiting for our flight which has been delayed. Have no idea whats happening but doesnt look as if we are going today. They have our cases where all my medication is so im not a happy bunny x

Oh SammieJo

What a shame after the day went perfectly well. You will be off soon so try not to worry.

How long is your flight? You must be stressing about your meds.

Shazzie xx