Ms and a wedding dance

Had my friends wedding dance yesterday. Was totally dreading it but it turned out to be really good. It wAs my sons birthday and he came as my partner. He informed me he felt properly dressed wearing his suit and he loved his suit. After a hard 6 months for him he really enjoyed himself. The dreaded question. Then came mum I want to dance. No one else was on the dance floor and in that moment I cursed ms. But with his blonde hair and blue eyes looking up at me I couldn’t disappoint so swallowing my pride off we went. I hate dancing at weddings normally as people expect me to be a good dancer being an ex champion dancer but totally different discipline. So now with ms I was nervous. My dress was too long with wearing flats and being first on the floor is so not me but off we went he took my hand and kept smiling up at me. So I survived and didn’t fall yeah and everyone was watching him totally partying on the dance floor. Got a seat then he wanted to do the gay Gordon’s so off we went and it was good fun haven’t laughed so much in ages. Im glad I swallowed my pride in a way it’s funny in a way I was more confident than normal. I’m passed caring what people think. The only person I cared about was Callum and his laughter and smile made it worth the sore legs today. Anyway just thought I’d share as I’m normally moaning about my ms lol. Em x

Good for you Em, That’s what being a mum is all about, so well done as yesterday you beat MS and made your son proud. Janet x

well done to you for having a great day with your son and it dose us all good to laugh i have just had mine for the day watching my husband trying to make tea, Heres too much more laughter .

Well done Em, sounds like you had a blast!!

MS seems to take so much away and when it’s got it’s claws in your confidence it’s horrific. But it sounds to me like you took the power back!

Take care


Good to hear, you and your son and a great time Em :slight_smile: Excellent x Noreen :slight_smile:

Brilliant story xx

Children are the best medicine aren’t they and sounds like on this occasion Callum worked a treat. Great news Hun x

Thanks it was a great day and he’s still talking about it x