my beautiful son

my youngest is 24 today. i cant believe how fast it has gone by.

he is such a lovely person but if i tell him he just replies in grunts and swear words!

just wanted to show off because i’m a proud mum!

carole x

Congratulations on bring up a lovely son, its hard bring up children ms or not. Enjoy your day x

I love the pride shining through your post. It’s lovely to read. Your son is lucky to have such a loving mum. Xx

Well done Carole on raising your lovely boy. My daughter was 30 last week - and my ms started when l was first pregnant with her.

She also does her fair share of ‘grunting’ and as for swearing - well - she works as a Logistic Manager - running 17 artic lorries and bossing the HGV drivers about. Not just her drivers but the drivers who deliver goods into the warehouse. As a busty blonde - she gets a lot of ‘comments’. And she can hold her own with swearing back at them. ln fact she says she now has Tourettes.

She is staying with me this week because she is having a new bathroom fitted in her house and the plumbers have drained the radiators so it is freezing and dusty. She went down to the village pub last night wearing my jeans/sweater/shoes. Even though she does call in everyday - it is good to have her staying here. Even though l am once again picking up after her. But thats what mums are for!


congratulations Carole, my youngest son is also 24, gruntng and swearing must just be the norm lol

And why not indeed?

Happy Birthday to your babby!

A babby at 24?

They`re all our babbies, however old they are!

luv Polllx

Congratulations Carole. I am also so proud of my two lovely sons (28 and 26) although they no longer live at home they have both always been so supportive of me with my MS and will do anything for me. Anne x.

My eldest baby (daughter) is due to become a mummy in 18 days!!! I went with her for her 1st scan at the same hospital she was born in 26 years ago and it felt like it was only a short time ago. It’s true that time flies. She wants me and her husband with her for the birth I’m excited but anxious. Deb