iT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Yes I’m 40 today; 40 years since my diagnosis when I was 23.

For all you youngsters remember; MS is NOT a stop sign; it’s traffic humps.


I don’t usually post such garbage but it’s a bit of a landmark.

You have a good memory for an old codger!!

Liz x

Thanks for that George… you remind us all that life goes on!

So Happy MS Birthday to you.

I bet you’ve seen some huge changes in the MS world since you were first diagnosed. You should write a blog or something about it. Would be very interesting to see how much things have changed (or perhaps haven’t?).

Pat x

Happy ms b’day George!!!

I’m 40 too! - but thats 40 years young!! lol!!

I’ts my rebif birthday on the 14th Sept! 7 years of taking it to slow the monster down!!

How time flies!!!

Teresa. x

Happy MS birthday George, what a faboulous milestone.

Onwards and upwards darling! Gillian x


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear ggood

Happy Birthday to you.

Now imagine that sung in a Marylin Monroe voice and what a treat for you, eh?

luv Pollx

Ta Liz; I’m sure that was a typo; you meant an old Goodger.

Thanks Pat; still the same; sure they can photograph it but they still don’t know cause or cure; ho de hum.

Treek; your only a pup.

Gillian; cheers darling; the next 40 will be a breeze.

Wonderful Wendy; Thanks my luv.

Poll; my little bit of undiagnosed inspiration; can I have a dance on your 40th?

George xxxxxxxx

A very Happy birthday George, may it bring lots of surprises, friends and famly popping in, and a few phone calls etc.

Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing.



Hi George

Happy 40th and yes, life does go on, even with ms.

Pam x

Happy ms birthday George. I will have a piece of cake to celebrate with you! Have a good day.


Happy MS birthday George, I’ve visited the MS Therapy centre today, such positive people there and yes life does go on.

Wendy x

Happy Birthday George, , 40 years is a long time and from reading on here, it sounds like you do just get on with things, I like your attitude, I’ve had ms since I was at least 19, I’m 42 now so a long time and I too try to just get on with things. Tbh, I don’t always agree 100% with everything you say but that doesn’t matter, you do inspire and motivate us and I like you on here. Very best wishes. I tend to stay away from alcohol myself most of the time, otherwise I would raise a glass to you tonight. Cheryl:-)

Hello George

Happy birthday!

I agree with Upytupy - you do inspire and motivate. Over the past year I have been a ‘silent’ reader on this forum and have enjoyed your comments and replies.

Wishing you many more birthdays.

Jody x

Happy MS Birthday for yesterday George. You make me realise that I can keep going when things are tough. Thank you for being inspirational and stay as well as you can! Teresa xx

Yes, happy MS birthday for yesterday, m’dear.

You have my admiration and respect for having grasped the bull by its horns (or snake by its tail) so many years ago and having tried so many different therapies in your time. If you hadn’t been bold enough to inject snake venom and keep at it, through thick and thin, you sure as heck wouldn’t be here now at the rate you were going down down down then.

Hats off to you!

Lolli xx

P.S. No cake for you though. It’s not good for you, you know

George, sweetie, how often do I do typos?

Liz x

Happy belated MS Birthday for yesterday, could be worse I could have wished it on Tuesday which would have made it a premature congratulation and that would have been too risky! :wink:

40 years, wow, am just about coping with this first year!


u remember the exact date?! well done u! i can remember the month,but date,no way!

u eat all the cake?

ellie x

C’mon, this is our George we’re talking about and our George likes his cake - with lashings of cream. Sigh. Swanking’s not for him.

Hope you’ve been getting better lately.

Lolli xx