baby arrived not ms

Just to let you know that my new avatar is Isaacs grandma, not grandma in waiting. My gorgeous grandson was born at 1.30 this morning 12 days late. It was the most amazing experience to see my baby (26 years old) give birth to her own baby! Mum and baby doing well, grandma feeling a bit frazzled!

Congratulations grandma!

Pat x

Congratulations x

Thats lovely news. CONGRATULATIONS

Lisa x

Ah that`s wonderful! And right that your name has changed. We have an Isaac in our family.

I am his great auntie!

Baby Isaac will have his leg pulled, when he`s older, for having his birthday on 1st April!

have a snuggly cuddle from me please.

luv Pollx

Congratulations xx Sam x

Congratulations Grandma - really lovely news! What a privilege to see his birth! Teresa xx

congratulations,i got my first grandchild in january,a beautiful baby girl,sadly i wasnt well enough to be at the birth,i would have loved to have been,bet it was amazing, for you to be there.enjoy your new little grandson.

jaki xx

congratulations to you and the new parents, enjoy being a grandma.

My first great grand child is due in august and i cant wait .


Congratulations enjoy spoiling your lovely grandson. Anne x

Thanks all. My son who has his own house about 40 minutes drive from us rang me on Friday to say he thought he had the flu although he had had his flu jab. He is a keen footballer and had a friendly game with some mates. One of the opposition had kicked him on his shin which although painful he didn’t think much of it. Over saturday, Sunday and today he has had horrendous vomiting and diarrhoea and his leg became much more painful so he rang and asked me to lend him some of my crutches. I didn’t want to get too close to him because of the new baby, but when I got to his house I was shocked at his condition. He was pouring with sweat and looked yellow, but his leg was swollen, bright red and hot. I thought it looked like cellulitis and took him to casualty. He was admitted immediately and put on 48 hour iv antibiotics! The sepsis had caused the d+v and even affected his liver. I felt terrible that he’d been on his own whilst so poorly and been focusing on my daughter. Does the guilt and responsibility as a mum never end?! Tomorrow I will have go to the hospital and visit each of them, same visiting hours, mens medical and maternity at totally different ends of the hospital! !!!

Many congratualtions

Pleased to hear both mother and baby are doing well and that Grandma is happy - you are so lucky

Love, Mary

lol that was supposed to say CONGRATULATIONS

I do wish they’d have put a spell check on this site as I type quickly


What a few days you have had!

Congratulations on becoming a Gran!

I hope your son is making a good recovery. I hope the liver complication can be treated well. It must have been quite scary to find your son like that.

I think when you become a mum - it’s for life! You will always worry about your kids no matter how old they are.

My brother is quite a bit younger than me (he’s 26) and still lives with parents. He is going to America for a month in a few days.

I called in to see mum the other day and she was packing his holdall for him! I said “mum - he’s 26 now - he can pack himself”

My brothers response was “I have to humour her and let her take charge but when she’s not looking - i take things out of my holdall as i want to travel lightly and she has packed me a full first aid kit among other things!” ha ha ha!!

Mum is worried about him backpacking for a month - she will be a nervous wreck while he is away.

At the rate she’s going - he won’t be able to lift the backpack - never mind travel around with it! lol!


Hi all, saw my sons consultant who is quite worried how far the infection has spread since he was admitted yesterday. 4 lots of antibiotics already so now trying 2 more antibiotics. He said he will be in hospital at least a week. I’ve just read up on cellulitis and its really scary, it takes a long time to recover and there is a high chance of recurrence. Have had a bit of a run in with son in laws mum (she’s a councillor and life coach, and therefore knows everything) who told me that as I was at the birth of our grandson I shouldn’t go to see him again as I was too involved. Apparently I shouldn’t have said how wonderful it was to see him being born as it was insensitive. I was on a high after the birth and would tell everyone how beautiful he is. My daughter had rung me this morning distrought as the baby won’t breastfeed and asked me to come to the hospital which I obviously did taking son in law with me. It’s made what should have been a wonderful time into making me feel like s**t. The step mother in law is now also embroiled in what has become a major argument! But it’s okay for them as they are united in their hatred for me. Oh well we don’t have to like each other do we? The funny thing is they hated each other until my daughter and son in law got married. Mum in law was sending emails to her son saying they weren’t coming to the wedding and 4 days before cancelled their hotel room then had to re-book once she’d calmed down!

Sorry to drone on, but I feel really upset and upset that my son in law has got dragged into it, his step mum was on the phone to him complaining about me til 12 o’clock last night, the day his first child was born! He’s never liked her, but obviously just wants family harmony. Deb

Oh Deb, It’s amazing how some people can turn a wonderful, life-affirming event into a platform for their own spiteful behaviour. Don’t get dragged into it, just continue to be a supportive mum and grandma. Families are such hard work but it sounds like the MIL was jealous not to be at the birth and is lashing out. It sounds like playground behaviour not that of an adult! Enjoy your family and I hope your son is better soon! Teresa xx

Hi Deb,

My earlier reply sounds insensitive now that you have posted your full situation - sorry about that. x

I hope your son starts to improve soon.

Both MIL’s sound like they are both jealous of you. Their behaviour is appauling.

Continue supporting your daughter and son-in-law and don’t give either of them (MIL’S) the satisfaction of upsetting you like this.

Calling you insensitive is unbelievable considering what they are putting the new parents through at what should be a happy and stress free time. They should be ashamed of themselves!!

Best wishes


Thanks for your replies, mum and baby are now home, mother in law had bought the pram and car seat, but kept the car seat at her house so that she would be the one to bring them home. Son still not doing well despite change of antibiotics. It’s made more difficult as we live an hour away from the hospital and as my son is 24 he’s bored to tears being stuck in there.