Just wanted to share - I’ve just become a grandmother! Baby boy, Henry, born 13.28pm, 6lb 9oz! My first grandchild.

My son, his partner and baby doing well. I’m exhausted!


Lovely to hear some good news. Congratulations Granny!!

Jen x

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Congratulations, glad all are well xx

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I bet you are absolutely shattered. Well done.

And congratulations.


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Oh what fab news! You are sooooo lucky to have a cuddle bundle!

Babysitting duties to come.

Lovely, just lovely!

I’ve been a grandma for 18 years.

Did you know, there is only 1 beautiful baby in the world!

And EVERY mother has it!!!

Loads of love and stuff!

Grandma Polly xxxxx

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Lovely, lovely news, many congratulations!!! Tracey xx

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Oh that’s so lovely. Grandchildren are awesome! Enjoy

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Your are so right Poll lol x

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Should be out of hospital today all being well. 40 hour labour - wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but they are doing ok. Can’t wait to meet him.

Have to admit I’m wondering how I’ll manage to babysit - while he’s immobile I may be ok but wouldn’t be able to carry him round really as I have a rollator, nor would I trust myself taking him up or down stairs etc.

I’ve always found newborns rather daunting, even my own two, and I was fit and well back then.

I love the later stage from about 8 months to 48 months when they have their own personality and love to learn new things. What fun we had! Hope I am still able to show him the world when he’s a bit older.

Ang x

Thanks Sssue

It was driving up and back to their house multiple times to see to the dog that tired me out, she had to be left alone at home.

Normally I would have brought her to ours but she and my dog don’t get on. Both female, mine is a very bouncy 6 yr old Rotty but she is dwarfed by their 14 year old Japanese Akita. Not two dogs to get in the middle of if it kicks off!

Anyway, son is back at home and mum and baby hopefully out today too.



Youll be fine. Just go with the fow and let them put new baby on your lap...then hand him over to someone else when you feel youve had a decent cuddle.

40 hour labour? Poor mummy!


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