Announcing Teddy

Thanks for all your lovely wishes Edward Joseph was born at 10.42 yesterday morning weighing in at 7lbs 6oz . Everything went really smoothly he is just perfect and seems to be totally unaffected by his early eviction. I am feeling much better the heat and being pregnant just left me wiped out so it’s a relief to have him here. We are hoping to go home on Thursday my little girl is only one so I am missing her lots and I have lots of help in place . Thanks Ellie and Teddie xx

Oh how wonderful! Let me be the first here to congratulate you and your`s.

Welcome little Teddy…bless him. I wonder what his big sister thinks of him…what fun you`re all going to have. You lucky people!

much luv Pollxx

Congrats Ellie. I am so pleased for you and yours.

A lovely brother for your little daughter.

Happy memories of walks in the park with my two sons. There is 13 months between them and they are 25 and 26 now and are best friends.

Welcome little Teddie xx

congratulatins on the birth of your son teddy, happy to hear all is well with you both, my grandaughter has 5 weeks to go so waiting for the birth of my first great grandchild omg that makes me feel old. At the moment the baby is feet down and back to back so my grandaughter is very uncomfrtable she might have to have a c section if the baby dosnt turn soon.

all the best Barbara xxx

Congratulations. X take it easy and let everyone else do the work and make sure you get a rest.

Congratulations Ellie and welcome Teddie, really glad all went well for you both, look after yourself.

Laura x

congratulations and welcome to the world teddy!

carole x

Hi Teddy

Welcome to the world…


Wonderful news - congratulations! Alison

Hi Teddy Well done Ellie Congrats, love and big hugs to you both Catherine xx

That’s fantastic - congrats to you all and hope your daughter enjoys being a big sister x

Congratulations, fantastic news xx

Congratulations and welcome to the world teddy! Great to hear you’re both doing well and try and rest as much as possible while you’re in hospital and have the nurses there. So glad to hear some happy positive news xx

Congratulations and glad everything well. Talke care and look forward to lots of good times when you get home. Cheryl:-)

Lovely news congratulations on the arrival of Teddy. Cathy

Congratulations Ellie. That’s a good weight for an early birth. Welcome to the world, Teddy.

Tracey x

Great News! Well Done to both of you. Now, feet up, plenty of rest & enjoy your New Arrival I love a bit of good news! Jane xx

That’s wonderful news. Congratulations to you all. And what a beautiful name. Enjoy hun. Xxxx

Congratulations on your new arrival.

aaaw thats great, congratulations to you all and all the best with your new bundle of joy