We have a d day

This baby is not playing by the rules he is still transverse so it’s a c section for me .Everyone including me is really disappointed but in this heat I just want the pregnancy to be over its wearing me out. So my neurologist and obstetrician have decided we are cooked and I will have the baby on Monday bang on 37 weeks Can’t wait to day hello and feel a bit more in control of my body Ellie

Well done for going so long. I’m not a Mum but I’m finding it hard in this weather without being 37 weeks pregnant! Wishing you all well for Monday Sara x

Best of luck hun … Keep us posted on how you and baby are doing … Also name, weight etc. hope everything goes well. Very exciting eh. Xxx

Good luck Ellie - hope all goes well. Make sure to give us your happy news afterwards! Teresa xx

Good luck. It’s exhausting being pregnant in this weather - my son was born in july! phew! Hope all goes well and your lovely bundle of joy could even share a certain royal babies birthday! lol! Teresa.x

Hello Ellie,

Good luck with Monday, and best wishes for the future with new arrival


Good Luck Ellie No need to feel disappointed; nothing matters as long as your baby arrives safely and it sounds like you’re in good hands. Best wishes for Monday Jane xx

Good luck for Monday Ellie. You must be especially exhausted in this heat.

Will look forward to reading about your new arrival

Tracey x

Hi, wishing you all the very best for a safe delivery on Monday.

I wonder if your baba will arrive before the new royal one?

Look forward to hearing your news.

luv Pollx

Hi Ellie

37 weeks is a good gestation period and the baby’s lungs should be well developed by then - so all should be well.

Don’t know how you’ve managed this long in this heat

Excited for you

Best wishes, Mary xxx

Will be thinking of you on Monday Ellie.

You must feel so hot and bothered in this heat.

I am really excited for you and can’t wait to hear how it all went.

Good luck to you, yours and your little bundle of happiness!!

Shazzie xxx

Wishing you all the best. 3 out of my 4 pregnancies had hot weather so I can sympathise. Will be thinking of you monday

Sharon x

Well, it`s d day for our friend. I wonder how she and baba are doing?

She`s beaten the royal bab, eh?


Ooh and the babba might share my birthday which is today. Lets hope we hear news soon :slight_smile: xx

I’ve been thinking about Ellie today wondering how she is - hope her and baby are well x

I have heard of a midwife who said that C-section babies always have a sunny disposition because they have not had to fight their way into the world. :slight_smile: Good luck! Alison

Been thinking of you Ellie today. Hope all is well with you, yours and your little bundle of joy!!!

Shazzie xx