many thanks

Evening pals!

had a few days off the site.....been flaking out with the heat.

I want to say a huge thank you for all my replies about the Dr Lily, at Leeds farce!

Latest is that my GP is trying to find out what`s going on.

I also spoke to MS nurse. She was also shocked to hear I have been discharge BEFORE seeing him.

So, we wait and wait.................

luv Pollx

As if you havent enough to worry about - all you want is answers yet the system that be is messing you around again, its definitely not on Poll.


I do hope answers come very very soon, youve waited long enough.


Yes this heat is a killer for us, strangely some feel its doing them good, so not bad for all of us, sticky or not we are each lovely


bren xxthumbsup

Hope you get somewhere at last Poll. What is wrong with those numpties? (your word, I love it).

The heat is unbearable. It’s gonna be a bit cooler tomorrow ( hopefully).

Love Teresa xx

Poor you Poll!

You have waited long enough!

Keep on at your GP and make sure you get the answers you deserve.

Messing you around like this is just not on!


Teresa. x

You've waited so long for a proper dx, let's hope your gp and ms nurse comes up trumps for you this time.

You deserve an answer after all this time.