gud news

my sister just text me and her and her boyfriend had a scan today to find out the sex of there baby…they are having another little girl, the scans show that shes on target weight and shes fit and healthy altho my sis has been getting really bad morning sickness so far, 20 weeks pregnant, healthy baby and shes been told to take it easy now and to start resting up as she keeps being admitted to hospital, but my sis is happy as her little girl is healthy and doing well. just thought id share this bit of good news

Great news !!!

what lovely news,bet you cant wait until shes here,my little baby grandaughter is 4 month old now,and shes brought me so much happiness,as your little niece surely will.

jaki xx

Good news!

yeah i cant wait till shes born, another lil niece to spoil

we surely need good news like this