Nothing to do with my pains or problems but just wanted to shout I have just watched my niece being born totally amazing one happy aunt :smiley:

wow! its amazing! i have had 4 kids and been ‘the the room’ at another 4 (during nurse training) words cant describe the feeling.

treasure your niece! i am going to be a granny-for the first time next year!

ellie x

Oh you lucky lady! Dunno if I could cope with seeing a birth for real. But I do watch it on tv.

What`s the new babby called? Holly?

luv Pollx

Not fully decided on name yet they down to 3 . It was so nice I have had 4 children but to be wanted by someone giving birth is the best feeling ever as it such a special time and I will treaure the memory and them for the rest of my life .:smiley:

Wow Rachyf! You are so lucky. I would love to see a live birth! I always envied my husband’s viewpoint at each of our 4 sons’ births! Teresa xx