life. is it that bad

just a lighter note really as reading problems all the time does get us down i suppose.

a friend of mine was on the phone tonight. he lives in nottingham and im in the north east so we dont get to see each other too often. but call each other regular.

he called tonight for a chat and was the proudest man on the phone. informed me of the birth of his first grandchild. a lovel baby girl. well to here the joy in his voice was something else and i left the conversations with a big smile on my face.

im so pleased for him and his family. they are real desant sorts.

atb mtt

New life is always a reason for a celebration. May that little girl bring delight and joy to all who meet her. So nice to hear happy news.

briliant :smiley:

a new baby in the family brings so much joy,my 1st grandchild a beautiful little girl was born in january,after a really bad year of ms relapses,she gave me the strength to get out of bed,and brightens up each day for me.

jaki xx

Many congrats to your pal.

Lovely news!

luv Pollx