Just thought I would share my lovely news not MS

My first granddaughter was born this morning, Sophie Marie weighing 7lb 1oz. My hubby is confiscating my credit card lol. Just thought I would share my lovely news.

Aww congratulations! And what a lovely name. I would find the card while hubby was sleeping lol xxx


Enjoy every second with her…

Ellie x

PS What are you going to be, Nana, Gran, Granny etc.

I am going to be Granny, I have two grandsons too

Aww congratulations. My mum went mad buying when my daughter was born as she had 3 grandsons.

Find hubbys credit card instead and use that lol.

Hope is all ok x

Oh Karen,

What wonderful news, congratulations. Can’t you get a replacement credit card??



Hi Karen What fantastic news. I hope mother and baby are both well. You must have a spending spree - it’s almost obligatory! Teresa xx

Hi and congratulations and what a lovely name. Cheryl:-)

Hi,congratulations for your little princess,hope mum and grandaughter are both well.


many congratulations, you must be beaming with pride.

jaki xx

Congatulations and I hope both are doing well.What a pleasant start to the day.


Congratulations. What great news to start the day with.

DL xXx


Karen x

how wonderful, and what a lovely name, take care, Jean x

So lovely to hear some cheerful news. Congratulations and happy spending!!!

Boo x

Oh Karen, that is the BEST news ever1 You lucky peole, having a new baby to enjoy!

Many congrats to all.

luv Pollx