Good news

I just thought id let you know I’m a Grandma. Rochelle had the twins today by C section. I’ve only seen pictures as she was in recovery till late. They look beautiful loads of dark hair, I’m going to see them tomorrow. The first one born is Naomi Michelle weighing 4 pounds 15 oz and the second one is Laura Josefina weighing 5 pounds 3 oz.

Michelle x


Congratulation Grandma hope Rochelle recovers quickly Decent weight for your baby girls, they’ll be home before you can say “who’s turn is it on the nappy rota”

Jan x

congratulations all round


Congratulations Michelle, hope your daughter recovers quickly. Just in time for Christmas, really happy for you all.

Cath xx

Congratulations grandma. That’s wonderful, hugs all round and woof woof for Frazier

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Congratulations grandma, bet you are over the moon,with your beautiful little baby their names.

Love and ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

J x

Brilliant news Michelle, love to all of you

Pam x


Hope everyone is well. Christmases may never be the same again.

Steve x

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations! Grandma! Let the fun begin.

Mags xx

Congratulations Grandma, best Christmas present you will ever have.

best wishes to you all,

Nina x

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages. Naomi and Laura are absolutely gorgeous, i have had loads of cuddles already.Laura has a few problems with feeding so has needed special care but hopefully they will soon be home.

Michelle x


Wow, brilliant! Are they identical, or does that show for a while?

congrats all round!

Kev x

Hello Kev, yes they are identical, its a shame because Laura needs special care so they have now been separated. but shes doing much better now so hopefully they will be together again soon.


awww hope they are together again very soon, bless em,bet the are beautiful, enjoy every precious moment.

J x

Awww many congratulations! How lovely!

Hope Laura is now out of special care and back with her sister Naomi… Gorgeous names!

Lovely Christmas your family will have this year!

Pat xx

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Just a quick reply, they are back home with us now, and both Naomi and Laura are doing really well. Rochelles okay just very tired and needs lots of help after the C section, Thankfully one of my Carers is Rochelles sister in law and she is a massive help, I have to admit we are all completely shattered, Lee is an absolute star hes the most fantastic Grandad, we are both loving every minute of it. Shes staying for a few weeks until well enough to go home hopefully to the new house.

Michelle x

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Sorry, only just seen your post announcing the babies` arrival.

How wonderful…new babes for Christmas…you lucky people being able to cuddle and snuggle thsoe little people.

I`m jealous!!!

Heres a couple of kisses from me.....mwwwwaaaa and mwwwwaaaa`

luv Granny Polly