Hi guys, just to let you all know that my daughters babygirl 5 lb 11oz came last saturday afternoon 4 weeks early they are both home & well, stayed in mother & baby unit for a week so pleased for them.Chloe nice name. l never did get that quilt made for her never mind maybe when she is older. regards to all Jan xxxx

Congratulations Jan! What wonderful news. Yes agree Chloe is a nice name.

She’s a good weight though… no problems there.

You being there is more important than the quilt hon.

Is she your first grandchild? (sorry if you’ve already said in other posts… rotten memory).

Love Pat xxx

Hi Jan, Congratulations! Like Pat, I’m not too sure if this is your first grandchild. Either way I’m sure little Chloe will fill your life with joy, I’ve got 4 …two of each… Being a grandma is just the best thing ever. Very best wishes to you all, Nina x

Hi Jan

Wonderful news, so pleased for all of you, love the name. Nothing like a baby being born to put a smile on my face.

Pam x

Hearty congrats Gran.

Chloe: lovely name. Many congrats to all your family.


Chloe is a beautiful name

Sonia x

Congratulations Grandma. I agree Chloe is a lovely name.

Cath xx

congratulatons on the birth of little Chloe,lovely name,

my little grandaughter,(9 month old) gives me so much pleasure.

enjoy your precious little one, they grow up all too quick dont they ?

J x

Congrats on your little granddaughter, Chloe, pretty name.

What a lovely Xmas you will all have.

Shazzie xx

Hi all Baby is our 4th grandchild we have 3 to first daughter two boys one girl so we now have two of each take care regards Jan

Congratulations Jan. Two of each how lovely for you. I wish health and happiness to little Chloe.

Hi Jan, sorry only just seen this post.

Chloe is a beautiful name!

Lovely to have little ones around.

What about making a quilt for her first brthday?

I made quilts for our 3 granddaughters. No rush, just do a bit when you feel like it.

have a cuddle for me, eh?