I’m just back from seeing my twin granddaughters…, so feeling really happy…they’ve not been born yet but its so lovely seeing them on the ultrasound scan. They are dong really well, Rochelle is now 30 weeks and she will have them in 6 weeks, possibly by C section. I’ve been to most of the appointments. Last week i was at the breast feeding class, sat in my wheelchair with two dolls on my knee while they explained how to breast feed twins… and after all the feelings ive had about being inadequate I don’t think being in a wheelchair will stop me being useful after all.



Oh Michelle,bet you cant wait,not long now, so pleased its all going ok, my little grandaughters 3 in january,and its such a wonderful feeling when they are born,i was told how wonderful it was having your first grandchild,but didnt know just how wonderful until she was born.

and twins too,how lucky are you.

J x

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Hi Michelle

Such an exciting time for you and your family, not long now and it will be all systems go, bet you can’t wait.

You will surprise yourself by just how much you will be able to do to help in your wheelchair, believe me, I know.

Make the most of it, they grow to little people in no time at all.

Pam x

So exciting Michelle!!!

You’ll do great as a grandmother… the wheelchair makes no difference at all to little ones. You can love them just as much sitting down as you could standing up.

Pat xx

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Thanks Pat, at the beginning although i was excited it was tinged wth sadness, I so much wanted to walk again! but shes wanted me to come to every appointment and although its been exhausting at times , secretly ive loved it. I felt a bit of an idiot at the antenatal classes, especially when they passed us the dolls. Its 12 years since i had my last baby… but we had a good laugh. Lamy her husband is going to be with her for the birth, but I’ll be there whenever she needs me.

Michelle x

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Thank you Pam, I’m already amazed at how far iv’e come…when i first got my wheelchair i was terrified and felt so vulnerable now i go everywhere, especially since having Frazer, he’s been with me for nearly a year now. In the house i’m not so bad at wall walking and crawling when i need to so, i’m sure i’ll be fine, i think iv’e just developed different techneques for doing things.

I can’t wait for them to be here!

Michelle x

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Thank you Mrs J, I bet 3 years has flown by. i’m really looking forward to the cuddles.

Michelle x

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Exciting times Michelle, the scans these days are excellent. My wheelchair comes in very handy when shopping with my son and his family, my eldest Granddaughter gets to sit on my knee when she tired of walking.

Jan x

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