The exciting Arrival of Violet Rose

Ive had my baby !!

A happy announcement Violet Rose arrived safely at 4.05pm on the 25th June weighing in at 7lbs 10oz.

I went in to be induced on the 22nd but she was having non of it not even a little contraction so I was sent home again to go back in on the Monday but things happened naturally and she was well on her way when we went back.

Everything went really well I stayed in a few extra days to get extra rest and help but came home last Thursday.She is feeding and sleeping really well and I am doing fine taking all the offers of help I can and napping as much as possible.

Ellie x

This is lovely news congratulations. A lovely name too. Hope you keep well too.


Hi Ellie

Congratulations to you all, glad that Violet Rose decided herself when it was time

to enter the world.


Enjoy your beautiful baby girl, and when she is resting, you do the same.happyflower



Congratulations Ellie, good luck with it all.

Love Wendyxx


Big congratulations, lovely name happyflowerxx


mike x :slight_smile:

Welcome baby Violet Rose! And congrats to you and your`s too. How wonderful, a new life to love, protect and watch grow.


luv Pollx

Welcome to the world little one, you will of made so many people so happy.

I hope you continue  to take endless photos throughout her life.....and spend many a happy hour looking at mine.

Keep well mom,really nice they gave you time to rest at the hosp.

Is she your first?


Congratulations! May Violet Rose walk on petals all her life.

               Best Wishes,



-what a beautiful name, well done you for producing a daughter, bet your beaming now, I would be.


You know to pace and take naps when you can.  I congratulate you both for your gift of a healthy baby girl.





Congratulations. So nice to see some happy news on the forum . Made me smile.

Top tip - Try and keep your strength up and sleep when  your baby sleeps.

Enjoy every day with your bundle of joy.

Jen x

Congrats, what a lovely name, I love babies. You take care and get as much rest as you can. Karen x

Congratulations Ellie

This is wonderful news. Enjoy your lovely baby girl. Get as much rest as you can and sleep when she sleeps.

Teresa xx

Congratulations, that's fab news happy2 xxx

Congratulations. I think your days will be busy,but filled with joy.


Wb  x

Well done Ellie.  Its the best feeling in the world and will keep you going through at least a couple of weeks of sleepless nights. xx

Congratulations, lovely name too.

Aah, congratulations, I hope she sleeps well for you!
Chis x