Baby Lilly came to visit

Our youngest Grandson is seven years old his brother is ten, their cousin is nine today so I have no babies to coo over but today was different. Our son gets married in a week or so and he and his wife to be came to see us with her sister and Lilly this afternoon. Our son came in pushing the pram with a big sloppy grin, he loves kids and kids love him. Lilly evidently is all smiles for him but he had competition today, he didn’t reckon on his old dad being such a charmer with three month old babies. Lilly was a real sweetie all smiles and gurgling noises and when I was presented with her and a bottle she just closed her little eyes and lay in my arms like a little Angel gently sucking on her bottle until she dozed off in my arms. A real little darling. Heather got a little hold and then as soon as they had arrived they were gone. But she was a little beauty and hopefully she will be back soon.



Don, What a lovely message, Baby Lilly, sounds adorable and shes put a smile on your face. My Twin granddaughters are nearly 6 months now and are gurgling and laughing i have to say they have given me a new lease of life, even when i feel really sad they always lift my spirits. When i go out with my daughter i usually have one of them sat on my knee.

Michelle x

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I love babies, I tell everyone that I hate kids but they can see right through me. They can do no wrong and bring so much pleasure, XXX Don

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Don that so lovely, i love babies they warm our hearts,my little grandaughter will be 4 in january and its flown by.

J x

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Hi Don, that’s lovely, you can’t beat a little baby to lift your spirits,suçh innocent little souls.


yeh, babies cheer us with their infectious laughter and smiles.

Glad their visit boosted you.


I get such enjoyment from my grandchildren / greatgrandchildren when they come ,i also have the youngest on my knee whenwe go out so i get special cuddles☺ Jox