Sunday with the family!

Had my son, daughter-in-law and lovely jubbly grandson who’s 7 and a half! (that ‘half’ is very important!)

Was lovely. They live in Lincoln so quite a drive for them. They took me out in the car for a meal. Had really nice time… of course I’m now very but that’s ok… going to get into bed and rest.

I walk so slowly I could see my grandson waiting for me and trying to be polite and not show his impatience. Little sweetie.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday. Sun was shining in London!

Love Pat xx

Pleased you enjoyed yourself Pat and that the lottery win went to good use.

Great to hear you had that kind of day. You are very lucky to have family and a little grandson.

Enjoy your snooze.


So glad you had a lovely time with your family Pat, sounds like you have a lovely grandson


I’m glad you had a lovely time Pat. My youngest son is just eight and it’s a lovely age. He really helps his mummy! When I fall - he comes running and helps me up and holds my hand when I walk along to keep me steady. He’s a considerate darling! Rest up and stay as well as can be! Teresa xx

Hope you are well rested, glad you had a lovely day, take care M

Hi, sounds lovely Pat.

On Wed, my daughter is coming with 2 of my granddaughters, Kate 10 and Emily 4. Not seen them since November.

The older one is staying for 3 nights and well take her home on Sat. It will be lovely I know and then ill need rest again!

luv Pollx

Glad you had a lovely day with your family, and by the

sounds of it, a lovely Grandson, but can appreciate you

being tired, so best to rest.

Nice being a Granny, cos you can have all the pleasure…

then give them back!

Take care

Pam x