Mega month is over!

What a month it has been for me… starting with the 60th birthday celebrations, through to the lovely holiday and then my sister staying with me for 3 days (a Notting Hill Carnival refugee) to a day at London Zoo with family on Wednesday! (grandson’s 8th birthday).


I’m now on my second day in bed and really and truly I’m amazed I got through it all and lived to tell the tale.

It’s been a great month but I’m so glad now to have some downtime… … and the gorilla agrees!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

I’m doing NOTHING!!!

Lots of love,

Pat xx

Busy doing nothing is my favourite pastime these days :slight_smile:

Welcome back and have a lovely relaxing weekend

Sonia x

Indeed. Nothing beats a good radio programme (Wesminster Hour, R4, for me), a good book, a comfy bed, some baclofen and then deep, deep sleep.

Hi Pat,

Enjoy your rest…you certainly deserve it.

Pam x

Dear goodness Pat please get back ‘on’ the boardI know yr tired but we are ‘away to hell in a handcart’! M

Hi, tis a good idea to rest up a while now.

My week will see me slowly packing my case for a week at the seaside on Saturday. it`s full of paper nix, pads, and wee wee bags…for day, night and swimming.

Plus emergency kit incase my catheter goes daft. There`s also a sling for hoisting in the caravan.

The jumpers, leggings, floaty tops to hide all my paraphanalia, rain cape, hot water bottle, electric fan will cover for all types of weather.

Think I need another big suitcase!


Phew! You surely deserve some rest Pat. Glad that you’ve had lots of lovely family time and a holiday but it will be lovely to have you back again! Teresa xx