Life is a bitch...

Hi guys, I usually try to be upbeat but life is a bitch! My eldest sister 71, (I’m the youngest of 5 and the runt of the litter 57) has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The Doc. who broke the news had little empathy, they should be checked regularly to see that they have this very necessary skill. Surely they could take the patient aside and make sure that everything had been understood, who knows maybe even with a cup of tea and a friendly face! What do we take from this (1) Don’t get old (2) Don’t get ill. Take care guys, be safe and seize the dayM

Hi M, I’m so sorry love. Bad enough that she’s got cancer but to be told in a heartless, brutal way!!! I don’t know how these bloody doctors get away with it. Surely ‘bedside manner’ should be part of their training and ongoing in their assessments!

They stop seeing the patients as human beings… and somehow this attitude is not dealt with in the NHS. They are always going on about carers and nurses who don’t have compassion, but nobody seem to mention doctors do they? In yet all of us have had experience of doctors who treat us like less than human.

Makes my blood boil!!

Hope you’re doing ok hon despite such bad news?

Pat x

That’s just rotten M, and that ba***rd should not be allowed to practice :frowning:

Sending you massive hugs as I’m at a loss… that’s just rotten!

Sonia xx

Hello M, sorry to hear of your sister’s illness. If you feel so inclined, why don’t you write to the practice manager. There more detail you can give the better-I know it’s even more of a pain but it gets your feelings onto their radar. Good manners and sensitivity cost nothing yet seem to have disappeared from so many who could do with it. Best wishes, Steve.

Hello love.

Oh what sad news for your dear sister and you. To get to that age and then suffer with cancer, is so chuffin unfair!

And yes, that doc should be re-trained or shipped out!

To answer your last questions.

we cant do either...mores the pity!

Look after your sister and yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi M

I am so sorry to hear your sister’s very sad news, I wish you all the best.

So many medics seem to have lost their bedside manner, or perhaps never had it in the first place, which is dreadful.

Take care all of you.

Pam x (((((hugs)))))

Thoughts are with you all concerned, except the doctors, the ********

How awful for you and your sister. I’d think about reporting the doctor who might have to attend a course on inter personal skills if enough people have complained about his lack of communication and empathy skills. I think the higher up the ladder they go, the more of a demi God they think they are. I’ve worked with enough _______'s in my job.

All the best.

Cath x

Hi M, So sorry you and your sister have had such awful news, I do wish you both the very best. Nina x

Sorry to hear this M. I guess it just makes you want to live for the day. Chin up, we’re all with you. Pigeon.

Cheers guys I managed to get her out this morning for a champagne breakfast! Little things we do, I don’t know what I would do without you folks. Did I mention that she is lovelyShe finds it difficult to relate to doctors, god I wish she’d let me go with her next Monday. I’d take the B££tard on, blood boiling. She had a lovely morningtake care guys and be safe. You are the best.M

What a lovely sister you are M.

Pat x

Ahh M that’s so lovely! 1) wish I had a sister like you. 2) could do with you coming to drs with me please! Keep your chin up. Nina x

She’s so lucky to have you. Wishing you all the best and I hope Monday goes okay for her.

Take care

Cath xx

Ahh M what a lovely thing to do for your sister! 1) wish I had a sister like you. 2) could do with you coming to GPs with me please !! Very best to you both Nina x

Sorry…thought post hadn’t worked…took an age to appear . Nina

I found out Monday that my sister does not have cancer - much rejoicing. Then told to get her to the Acute Receiving Unit yesterday, I managed to stay until she was settled (5 hours), they kept assuming it was me because of the w/chair! I have never felt so sad at leaving her, the only time she has been in hospital was giving birth to her 5 children. Not one was available to take her to hospital, all working all the grandchildren (6) are adults. Visiting was missed 3 - 4 yesterdayit’s a perforated bowel, bu££er, bu££er. Who would want to get old? She can’t see very well and is frail, sorry for the out pouring of angst, take care, be safe and seize the day while you canM

Thinking of you M and your sister.

Thank God it is not cancer and hope they can fix the perforated bowel?

Awful that her children & grandchildren were not there for her… but she has a wonderful, loving sister and that means the world.

Pat x

Hi M.

Thank goodness it’s not cancer, but she must have felt really poorly if her bowel was perforated. It seems like you’re very close which is lovely. I wish you both well. It’s possible her children don’t realise how ill she is and if they’ve never spent time in hospital they won’t realise how much visitations mean when you’re a patient.

Good luck, Cath xx

Phew, some major up and down’s there but I’m so glad it’s not cancer :slight_smile:

Good to hear that he overriding news is good, Yep, I’m with you seizing the day for sure!

Sonia xXx