I`m here!

Allo to all my lovely mates! Mary rang today, whilst I was gadding about shopping with my 2 Christine PAs.

Dunno where the days go some weeks, then other weeks they drag, eh?

Been supporting our daughter with her recent marriage break up. Shes getting there...good days and then a wobble. Shes re-mortgaging, giving turd a settlement…very generous considering he did the dirty…organising her children`s visits to him, planning returning to work after 4 weeks off, to scream, cry, sweat etc.

Great news…this split has allowed her to think about persuing her dream career of becoming a midwife! When she wanted to do it a few years ago, he said she couldnt! huh! Shes showing him what`s what now!!!

Ive got to get tother daughters 40th birthday quilt finished tomorrow, then Ill be back amongst you all.

Thank you sooo much for caring.

luv Pollx

Hi love, just answered your PM. Great to see you back,

Pat xx

Hi Poll, So glad you’re well. I hope your daughter follows her dream and becomes a midwife! Teresa xx

Hi Poll,

Did begin to wonder where you were. Glad your daughter is sorting herself out (with your help). Good luck with the quilt.



Hi Poll, nice to see you. I am so glad your daughters getting her life sorted and good luck to her with her career. Being a midwife must be such a lovely rewarding job. Take care love Karen xxx

Hi Poll…great to see you…and great to see your still strong, go girl.



Hello Poll,

It’s great to have you back in the flock and it’s great too to read that your daughter is not only standing up and dusting herself down, but she is moving forward and is following her dream. You both are made of far sterner stuff than ‘the ex’.

Take care,


Well, good for her! And what a wonderful dream job - I hope it all goes super smoothly

Karen x

Thanks to each and everyone of you!

luv Pollx