Send me hugs please !!!

Hi all Just about to go in for surgery. Have opted for a local anaesthetic to avoid general and overnight stay…I hope !!! Catherine Xx

Big hugs Catherine (((()))) Ihope all goes well for you, let us know yeah? Laura xx

Oh Mrs H! I knew you were not well but i didn’t know surgery was involved! ((hugs))

I hope you are home later and recovering very soon.

Take care my love - we will all be thinking of you.


Hope all goes well Mrs H and you are back very soon. Good luck (((()))) Linda x

(((hugs)) from me too Catherine xxxjenxxx

Big massive ((((((((((HUGS))))))))) love karina xx

A big ol’ bear hug from me Catherine…take care of yourself xxxxAnne-Marie


I didn’t know you were having an op.

I will be thinking of you hun and I hope you will be home soon.


Shazzie xx


Good luck x

Hugs, hugs and more hugs for you Catherine.

Let us know when you are feeling a bit better and I’ll save all my really bad jokes just for you.

Good luck and take care hun

JBK xxxxxxx


You’ve got them doll. Take care.

Hugs xxx

Lots of warm hugs, Mrs H. Hope all goes well

Tracey xx

hope it all goes well. Cathy x



You are brave, hospitals scare me so I’d much rather be sparko!

Hope it all goes smoothly hugs and another hug for being so brave :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Sending you hugs. Hope all gone to plan and that you’ll br feeling better soon. Barney

Hugs Catherine. Good luck and hope all goes to plan and your feeling better soon Barney

Hugs Catherine. Hope your op goes well and you feel lots better really soon! Teresa xx