Afternoon all my dear pals!

As some of you already know, me and 2 carers are off to Blackpool tomorrow for 3 nights.

i am so excited. It is the first time im doing this kind of holiday. But campervanning isnt so appealing anymore, as it means no showers (even tho the sites have disabled facilities, they are too dodgy for me) and my bed is nothing like as good as home. Even getting on a loo is much harder and it is a struggle at home.

Holidaying in a hotel is giving me a few worries…have to be in the restaurant at set meal times, being out all day and in the cabaret bar at night, will mean a lot more sitting in my wheelie, when lying down is my norm after tea.

Okay, okay, I can hear you telling me off for being negative.

I will enjoy it, I know.

Aren`t a mardy bovine?

go on, tell me to pull myself together!

luv Pollx

Try not to worry, if it’s a bit much go and rest in the hotel - will still be nice to be away. I really hope you have a fantastic time. You are such a kind and caring person to all of us on this forum, always having something positive to say…So go have lots of fun and i look forward to hearing about your shananagins when you get back!

Laura x

hi poll

i’m sure that your carers wont object to your usual nap

now stop being a mardy bovine and go enjoy yourself!!

carole x

Hi Poll, Hope you have a wonderful weekend in Blackpool you deserve it. Anne x.

Have a fabulous time Poll.

Sometimes I’ve been to a hotel for a night or two and been so tired by the time I’ve got there I’ve spent most of my time in the room. But it still makes a change. Different room! Different view! Even different TV channels!

The best one for me is a hotel at Clacton that has balcony rooms overlooking Front and sea. That’s lovely. I just spend hours sitting on balcony watching world go by.

Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back…

Pat x

Enjoy the sea air Poll. Xx

Cheers everyone!

I`m logging off now. be back on line Tuesday.

Here we go, here we go, here we go…ooo

If you hear owt on t`news re a red haired granny in a wheelchair has got stuck on the

Big Dipper, it may well be me…oooeeerrr!

Play nicely now y`hear!

much luv, your pal Polly xxxxxxx

hi poll

have a brill time-look forward to reading all about it.

ellie x

Have a great break…, a girl can’t have too much bingo, , “pop” n candy floss! X