Hi gang, me and 2 carers are thinking of having a few days in Blackers…Blackpool.

I`ve spent ages trawling the net, looking for such an animal as a room for 3, with hoist and accessible shower. We just want 3 days.

The only ones I`ve found cost £200+ each! Too much brass methinks!

Anyone know of anywhere?

luv Pollx

Poll it’s crazy isn’t it. Huge resport as Blackpool. Wouldn’t you think they’d have adapted rooms.

Can’t advise you but bumping you up… maybe someone can.

While on subject, I saw in the new Enable Holidays brochure that they have a new hotel on their books in Jersey. Looks lovely. ALL rooms are adapted with ceiling hoists, electric bed, grab rails etc… indoor heated swimming pool. Full board… but Enable don’t give the price (they never do as they do a ‘package’ which varies according to need).

Anyway, anyone who’s interested, the place is called Maison des Landes and Enable can be found at www.enableholidays.com

Sorry Poll, totally hijacked your post!

Pat x

We found details of The Bond Hotel at St Annes when we visited Naidex last year.

The have specially adapted rooms for people with disabilities and their families/carers.

Sorry, not sure of the prices but if I remember right they did some quite reasonable deals.

Good luck, I hope you are able to get away. Ann

If your not tied to when you go see if you can haggle a price - most people would go for some money rather than an empty room. Give it a go, nothing to lose! And hope you find somewhere and have a lovely break xx

Blame it on MS. I always do…

You’res truly,

Pat x

Cheers for your replies.

I did contact The Bond, they want too much brass…£600+!

can`t afford that!

Slowly going off the idea, after many hours of fruitless searching.

luv Pollx

We are all getting contaminated by ‘text speak’ it might have been ur.

We all get caught out sometimes. Ann

Hi Poll, have you looked at Marton Mere? holiday park (Bond, although it does still come up as Haven) prices from 260 for 3 nights and they can supply hoist, worth a look, Marton really isn’t far from town (my grandmother used to live there) all acessible caravans etc.

Alison x

Have you tried looking on Tripadvisor.co.uk ?

I don’t know if the New Mayfair would be of any use to you Polls?


Thanks, I spoke to that hotel and they want £600+ too!

luv Pollx

Poll, There is a website called Late Rooms - if you are flexible with dates - and can take up a vacancy at short notice - then they do have some good deals. Hotels/B&B’s etc are glad to get something for a room rather then have it empty.


Poll, Me again - Just googled the Maison des Landes - its run by the Jersey Lions Club - rooms start from £70 - per night per person - free transport to and from airport/harbour. lts a purpose built holiday centre for disabled folk and their family.

l did go to Jersey - some years ago - took my elderly mum and aunt plus me with a small scooter. We hired a car and l drove round Jersey - lots of lovely places to visit. The Jersey Zoo was wonderful.


Hi Frances, thanks so much for trying to help.

jersey…sounds wonderful, but out of our price range, Im afraid. We dont want to go too far. Blackers is easy…1 train from Halifax is all we`d have to do.

luv Pollx