Suggestions for a weekend away please

It’s my 60th birthday in the summer any my better half wants to take me away for a weekend, but where to go?

i get around on crutches at home, but otherwise I use a wheelchair everywhere else the rest of the time. I need hotel accommodation with wet room or walk in shower, rather than allegedly adapted room with a shower over the bath. If you’ll pardon the expression I can’t get my leg over!

I live in Lancashire and we, or rather he, will be driving.

Anyone any ideas, because at the moment I can’t come up with anything!

Hi Flower.

Aha! How do you feel about going a stones throw away to Blackpool?

I have stayed, twice, at The New Mayfair which has great access and kit for us lesser abled bods.

Last summer I stayed at the Hilton Spa hotel in Blackers too.

The tram service in Blackpool is absolutely fantastic for wheelie folk…on and off so smoothly!

If you fancy going further afield, look at The Esplanade hotel in Llandudno. I have a few nights booked there in June.

If you want to see more suitable places, just google wheelchair accessible hotels.

But do check out the shower/wet room. I have researched this subject a lot and I do get me dander up when they advertise themselves as disabled friendly and all they have is a ramp and a shower cubicle.

I`ve ranted on here about this before. You may have seen my posts.

Let me know what you find, yeh?

luv Pollx

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Hi Flowerpot

Have a look at this place in Norfolk too:

I’ve not been there but we’ve considered it. It’s got an accessible hydro pool too. Looks pretty good.

It’s not cheap, but then it’s your 60th birthday.


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Can’t make any suggestions on places, but have stayed at a couple of Holiday Inns, and their ‘disabled’ rooms had wet rooms with nice wide doors and plenty of space. It may vary from hotel to hotel, but might be worth ringing and asking if you have a destination in mind but aren’t sure about hotels…

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My mum runs a rather good bed and breakfast in Devon. And she understands all about MS because I’ve got it! Lots to see and do in the area and it’s beautiful.

Thanks Poll. I’m not keen on Blackpool to be honest, though I’ve looked up the hotels, and you’re right about them. xx

Thanks, I’ve had a look and this is a definite maybe.

Thanks. We use Holiday Inns quite a bit, some are better than others access wise. It’s deciding on a destination that’s proving problematic. As the saying goes, I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure!

Looks lovely, but rather a long way for a couple of nights. A definite maybe for a longer stay though. Thank you xx

St brelades bay in jersey is excellent I use crutches but cant walk far so take my wheelchair their is a wheelchair accessible beach you can even hire a beach wheelchair from beach mobility so you can get around there is a hotel l horizon with adapted rooms or the golden sands hotel which has a few rooms with walk in showers you are right on the beach it even has a ramp down to the sand there is lots of restaurants and bars all within easy walking distance along the sea front we found this place by chance when in st helier last year and booked it straight away for this year there is also a company that you can hire a scooter from I’m sure the hotel arranges this so its there for when you arrive its the first place I can honesty say I felt at ease with being in my wheelchair as there was so many other people using them lol apart from that its absolutely stunning little place and if you feel like exploring there is lots to do all with really good accessible facilities and scooter hire honestly if I won the lottery I would move tomorrow lol xx


Good morning

I posted this some time ago but have no idea, if the person who was holiday hunting had any joy, but it may help you.

Holidays for multiple sclerosis sufferers can help you with any issues you have regarding your disability when going on holiday. We are a travel agency that specifically books and arranges holidays and equipment for people with a wide range of disabilities. Our job is to search for suitable holiday accommodation in destinations that are as accessible as you need it to be. Take a look at our great cruise and holiday offers, in the UK or Europe.
Here is a great resource for MS travel tips

I have cut and pasted the above statement that is on the home page of the Website. Hope this helps.


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I like the sound of that. I’m already looking at l’Horizon hotel. Fabulous. Thanks.


And just look at this:

It’s a catamaran that operates solely to take the disabled and disadvantaged out to sea. And get this, it’s free. Have you ever come across anything that’s adapted for the disabled that’s free?

hi fp

canterbury is very flat, and very picturesque. i am on a crutch and we went there last year for our wedding anniversary. its significant for us as that’s where we met, but still a great place to go to.

wherever you end up going, have a great time! fluffyollie xx


Not sure what type of break you’re after but the wife and I and kids have been to Liverpool a few times. Stayed either at or close to Liverpool One or down on Albert docks. There’s a shop mobility place between Liverpool One and the Hilton and I rented a mobility scooter from there. There’s loads of shops and restaurants in Liverpool One and loads of restaurants on Albert Docks.

there’s lots to do on the docks - Maritime Museum, the Beatles story place, the Tate Liverpool, etc. the docks and Liverpool One are all on the flat so it’s easy to get around on a scooter. Liverpool One is on a number of different levels but there’s plenty of lifts to get you up and down.

Don’t know if there’s any kids involved but if there is Center Parc near Penrith is great. Again, you can rent mobility scooters there. Lots for the kids, and plenty for the adults to do.

Wherever you decide to go, hope you have a great time and happy birthday when it comes.


I have just looked at your link I didn’t know about that’s its great & free !! To hire the beach wheelchairs are free as well jersey is so disabled friendly which is great for a holiday !!! Xxx

I have just looked at your link I didn’t know about that’s its great & free !! To hire the beach wheelchairs are free as well jersey is so disabled friendly which is great for a holiday !!! Xxx

This sounds very appealing. A definite maybe. Thanks xx

Thanks xx

Great thread and I am now thinking that Jersey might be an interesting visit