Somewhere to stay.

I’ve been looking all day for a somewhere to stay for a few days while I have a new floor fitted and some decorating done.
You would think it easy, naa. not when your in a wheelchair.
Thought I would take the chance to visit my son down south.
So found a couple of motels ( well known ) that advertised on there website, fully DDA compliant Phone them up to enquire about their
rooms and was the bathroom wheelchair friendly.

Yes you can get in the bathroom with a wheelchair, great.
Is it a rollin shower with a seat ?
It has a shower over the bath.
Daa how do I get my wheelchair in the bath.
Just felt like a whinge, the search go’s on.


I am curious to find out if you have had any success in finding a suitable hotel and how you found it.

I run the website, the website is a portal for the disabled.

I have had a quick google looking for hotels that help disabled and nothing glaringly obvious.

Doesn’t seem to be a hotel guide. Do they think we nevert wash

I look forward to hearing from you. I cannot help you with this problem but do take a look at my website.

Hope you find a nice hotel or place to stay.

Talk soon,


not sure where down south you are going but heres a few sites i found… - this one seems nice

Hi, this is something I`ve recently been researching too.

Blackpool is the best I have found.

i had a look to see what was available in London. Wheel in showers galore, but not hoists as yet.

Whereabouts are you hoping to go? I`ll google some more for you.

luv Pollx


I don’t know where you’re planning to go but it is a problem finding hotels with suitable bathrooms, we now take with us portable grab rails, shower seat and bath board because you never know exactly what you will arrive to find.

I found it hard to believe that disabled rooms often mean showers over baths… apart from deaf people, who can cope with them?

Premier Inn do have some hotels with wet rooms but don’t assume the disabled room has a wet room. It is always worth phoning the hotel in question directly to make sure that the hotel meets your needs.

Another issue for me as I still ‘stagger’ as opposed to using a wheel chair is distance from reception/dining area. We stayed at a hotel where the disabled room was a long way from these facilities and down two flights of stairs! There was a lift but it could only be used if you were in a wheelchair. We ended up driving the car round and using the fire exit.

Another chain which has wet rooms is Innkeeper’s Lodge, although they are not so wide spread as some of the other chains. We were very pleased with it.

There is another chain, which was really dreadful and we will never stay there again. PM for their name if you would like it, apart from rubbish disabled facilities the room was dirty and included the delights of a leaking toilet.

Good Luck!

Anne x

I recently went to a wedding in a place just out of Telford ( Wroxeter Manor/hall I think ) and I had a ground floor room with a wet room.

To shower you would have to be able to transfer to a chair though.

It was a fab place but I guess it was probably quite expensive.