Holidays for wheelchair users

Good afternoon good people.

I know someone on here will know or have some good advice on wheelchair bound people and how they can access holidays.

I now have to use a hoist to access bed, shower, toilet and of course my wheelchair.

Myself and my partner, sometimes the kids and grand kids would go away a couple of times a year.

We always use the holiday camps such as Butlins, Pontins and Haven, as we have found them better for wheelchair users.

Problem is as I mentioned before I now have more specialised needs.

So were do I now go were those needs can be catered for ?

Will it be respite care and can you enjoy yourself along with other members of the family ?



i will try and pm you a link that my local branch sent to me.


Aye Ooop,I admire that you ARE going on holiday and that’s that.I love Llandudno.There are many reasons,but the best drop kerbs anywhere, the fact that everybody is treated well,no matter who you are and it’s like Austria by the sea spring(LOL) to mind(LOL)

I knoweth not if there is exactly what you’re after,but I’d be surprised,nay mortified if there isn’t.I bet with a small dance on the keys you’ll get an answer.

Happy hunting and good times wherever you end up.


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Thanks everybody for the replies.


Blackpool has 2 fab hotels. Also one in Llandudno. Am going to a self catering cottage, with hot tub AND hoists, near Fleetwood in Oct. Will gladly give more info via pm, as not sure I can advertise them openly.


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