Hi my mum has ms and is wheelchair bound and has carers three times a day. My dad really wants to take her on holiday in this country. Does anyone know anywhere that has disabled access and also carers on site as my mum needs to be washed dressed and hoisted in and out of bed.

many thanks

Hi Loopylou1011,

The person you need is Boudica (Poll). I’ll PM her just in case she has missed this thread. She has had various holidays in this country and knows quite a bit about this.

JBK xx


Thank you ver much.


Llandudno is very disabled friendly when out and about,but you’d have to find out about the carers


Hi, yeh I have researched this topic a lot!

I have holidayed in Blackpool, at 2 different hotels. One is The Bond, the other is The New Mayfair.

They both cater excellently for those of us needing equipment and care.

And there are 2 hotels in Llandudno, offering the same set up. They all also collect you from home and take you back…but thats pricey! Still whenever the word disabed` is mentioned, prices rocket. I get respite funding towards the costs, from my Direct Payments. Without it, I couldnt afford holidays.

Just google holidaysfordisabled and youll see whats available.

Good luck.


Hi Poll

Many thanks for the info I’ll have a look and let my parents know. I’m glad that you have been able to have holidays, it’s nice to know there’s places out there who cater ‘for those in need.’

Many thanks