I know I’m asking a lot of questions today but I have the morning off…

does anyone know if there is a fund or a holiday chalet that is free or low rental for a ms sufferer and his children to have a little break away from normal life.

A centre parc chalet or something…

thank you you for any advice you can give me

have you tried googling this question?

how disabled is the person with ms?

if not much, then maybe a normal family chalet.

if they need a lot of extra provision, there are hotels with a good reputation on this front.

boudicca (aka Polly) loves one in blackpool.

carole x

Thank you…I will google it

Hi, I like the way my name pops up when certain subjects are posted about!!! Makes me feel useful again!

I do a lot of googling for totally accessible holidays, as I need a wet room, ceiling hoist, profiling bed and shower chair/commode.But what I don’t know is where free or low rental accommodation is available.

A place in the north west that has not terribly expensive accessible cottages, whose name escapes just now, might be of interest.

They’ll probably come up on a search.

Have you tried Gingerbread. They do free holidays for single parents, but I don’t know how disabled friendly there places are.

Again, Google, Google , Google!!!

If I can find owt I’ll get back to you.

I use The New Mayfair hotel in Blackpool, which is fantastic! But they aren’t cheap!

Have you tried asking your social services about respite funding?

Oh hang on…,I’m gonna send you a pm about summat that could help.

My daughter works with disabled children, so I’ll pm her details to you.


thanks poll

sorry it’s me again, bandying your name about.

carole x

S’okay Carole!

As I said, it makes feel useful!


Hi all my brother has had MS since he was 23 he is now 62 he is now confined to a electric purpose built wheelchair and has a Stoma and catheter and has not had a holiday for 10 -15 years I would love him to have one but will he be able to? He likes Blackpool near the beach and town centre can anyone advise me and help me thank you 1 week or 2 weeks would be good thank you Jennyx

The Bond hotel in Blackpool does holidays for the disabled.If you google it it will bring it up.Poll one of the members who used to come on here has been a few times she used to tell us all about it.