MS Holiday Retreats for couples

Hi all,

We are looking for holidays or breaks London - Kent or UK wide where myself and my husband can have a break.

He is now dependant on a profiling bed and needs a hoist for the toilet.

We used to love our weekend breaks but his MS has progressed making going away a big issue.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you


Good afternoon

Have a look at I have just had a quick look and there is a place in Herne Bay Kent that may suit you, this site also covers all of England so you may find another suitable place.

Holidays for multiple sclerosis sufferers can help you with any issues you have regarding your disability when going on holiday. We are a travel agency that specifically books and arranges holidays and equipment for people with a wide range of disabilities. Our job is to search for suitable holiday accommodation in destinations that are as accessible as you need it to be. Take a look at our great cruise and holiday offers, in the UK or Europe.
Here is a great resource for MS travel tips

I have cut and pasted the above statement that is on the home page of the website. Hope this helps.



Thanks Ang,

I do hope we can find something.

I will take a look.,



Good evening lushcaz

Sorry but Im being a bit thick!! What does BUMP` mean? Is it good or bad?

I was looking on one of the other forums and I saw that you used this term again. I`m just interested and I might learn something new.


Bump is a term used to raise the question higher to the top so the question is not overlooked. Hope this helps.



Hi, I`ve done a lot of googling to find holidays where profiling beds and hoists are available, as I cant manage without.

I do take carers with me, but there are places where a carer can be hired.

Just google the subject and you`ll find info to help.

Have a great holiday!


Thanks Poll,