I’d really like to take my mum, who has MS, on holiday and I’d appreciate any advice please.

My mum is in a wheelchair, gets tired easily, doesn’t manage extreme heat or humidity well (she’s ok if it’s a ‘dry’ heat), uses a catheter and needs help getting out of bed and dressing etc. She also showers on a special chair in the shower. I’d love for this holiday to be really special.

Can anyone please recommend any good destinations/places to stay in the U.K. and abroad which could be good and have adequate facilities available if she needs them (Preferably not respite care places or activity holidays for the disabled?)? Neither of us can drive unfortunately.

I was thinking a couple of days away might be a good ‘practice’ with a longer trip next year.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi JD, what a kind and thoughtful daughter you are. Your mum is blessed to have you!

I am looking at possibly having a few days away in Blackpool, if my respite funding comes thru. It would give my hubby a break. My carers (2) would go with me.

Blackpool has 2 hotels which specialise in holidays for folk with disabilities.

I am very impressed with their blog and brochures.

  1. The Bond Hotel

  2. The New Mayfair.

They even have a coach, but it is a bit pricey.

Give `em a google, eh?

Oh, the Bond has a hotel in St Annes too.

luv Pollx

Thank you so much! And do you possibly know of anywhere in London or further south that we could go? x

You could try posting your question to MSS London, as they may be able to help.!/mssocietylondon

What about a cruise say 7 days round the canaries £500 PP. I’ve booked going around the med next year

I’m in a wheelchair; booked hoist; disabled room; shower seat. The only money I have to find is for dice; because I’m a diceholic but your mum would love it.

The only other is tip your steward; I’m going to tell him ‘heavy carpet in the 3.30; that’ll take some beating’ good tip.


I was passed a copy of this magazine which had some really good links and reviews of holiday destinations. Not sure if it will help but here is a link to their website:

lf you want a few days in UK - look up The Forestry Commission Log Cabins - l took my mum - 3dogs - and my scooter to one in Devon - a few years ago. The Cabins are sited in lovely countryside - and they have easy access ones suitable for disabled use - with wet room. They have a lovely decked area with railings round so the dogs were safe. There are several

sites in the UK. Just realised you don’t drive - Perhaps someone could take you.


Guys, thank you so much I really appreciate this. Will have a look at all these options (she’d love a cruise!) and let you know how it goes.

A cruise is s great idea, and you can get 2 or 3 day ‘taster’ cruises from Dover or Southamton if you wanted to try it out first? Try iglucruise, planetcruise, or