Holiday help !!!

Hi There, I have had a bad year with my m.s and trying new pain meds so my husband suggested going away for a nice family break ! With 3 kids aged 16,13 &7 they have decided they want to go for 5 days to Blackpool!!! I am just going along with there choice as it has been a horrible time for me so lord knows how they feel so I want them to have fun. The question is does anyone know of anywhere nice to stay?? Need to be very central as I will have to pace myself and be able to rest when poss . Any advice greatly appreciated Xx

i know that there is a hotel that caters for disabled but don’t know details.

i’m sure that someone on these boards will know.

have a great holiday



i think that poll looked into this before-hopefully she wil see ur post

ellie x

theres the bond hotel which caters for the disabled. very friendly place and very popular. its a stones throw from the pleasure beach if thats of any help to you. have fun.