HI all,

Can anyone recommend a good place to have a holiday in the  U.K with a 3yr old and that is wheelchair accessible?

Llandudno in north Wales.If people donot have a pram,wheelchair or mobility scooter with them then they stand out from the crowd.

The Eastbourne of the north ?



I have been to Legoland at Windsor in the wheelchair with no problems, also Flamingo land in Yorkshire and also had no problem at all in London at all the big attractions, London eye, aquarium, cruise on tames, theaters, London zoo, also hamleys, Harrods totally fine in wheelchair, and the London cabs are wheelchair accessible as are the buses.
Have a good time whatever you end up.

Norfolk is also am goodplace for wheelchair friendly and lovely beaches for kiddies. There are lots of caravan sites with wheelchair acess.



At the moment my b'friend is talking about hoseasons?, Butlins, Haven or Center Parcs?, please bear in mind! that i haven't been on holiday in this country!, i used to go to Asia etc and all around the world!!(before ms and with a different b'friend)), I haven't been away with my daughter before (shes 3) and this whole 'holiday with a wheelchair' is something i've never done before!

Dont count yourself out just because your in a wheelchair, I sure you will have a great time no matter where you go, just because your in a chair, it doesnt mean you cant have as much fun as your child does :D x


I stick to the holiday camps like Butlins and Haven and I'm wheelchair bound.

Haven is cheeper than Butlins but a slightly less extravigant version.

Both places are great for 3yr old as they both have activity clubs for the kids.

The only one of the haven camps to offer have board/meals is at Ayr Scotland, we'r going in August to Ayr with the grand kids and familes and they a twin boys 10 and a little girl 6.

We went to Ayr 3yrs ago and it must go down as one of the best although the camp was getting a little run down but I belive its has been upgraded recently.

You tend to have chalets at Butlins and caravans at Haven.

Both camps have adapted accomodation.

This post is quite coincidental as we booked 2 seperate breaks this weekend both at Haven, 1 at Cala Grand which is near Blackpool and the other 1 at Ayr.


Center Parcs.

I go with my familt twice a year.

You can hire a mobility scooter and can access all areas.

There are villas for disabled guests.

Ask for a brochure and take a look!

Butlins at Minehead was a firm favourite when the kids were younger.  Really easy to get around, both in the resort and out in the little town, go for a silver or gold apartment though.  Lots to do in the area, and a beach on the doorstep, and a steam train from the town forday trips out.

My local MSS branch (Hillingdon, London) has a caravan in the New Forest. I haven't been, but one of my friends has and said it was brilliant. Loads to do, very disabled friendly and the caravan is fitted out for wheelchair users. Very reasonable prices and the area is stunning too.

Karen x