Holiday ideas?

I use an attendant wheelchair and am considering Tuscany Portefino,flying first time since became ill nearly ten years ago.Has anyone been there or can recommend a destination/hotel for me and my daughter(in twenties) for a week ,not too expensive?

I found a good web site when we were considering going abroad.i think it was called Disabled Access Holidays and they arrange everything for you, wheelchairs to get you to the plane, what you need at the other end etc. Bet it costs, though.

PS. I didn’t add all the above posts. The website got stuck as I tried to post a reply.

Thanks hcd,we want to make our own arrangements,just wondering about a destination. x

Does anyone take a holiday in the sun,Spain or anywhere flat to suggest for wheelchair user?

Tuscany is very expensive.


I beleive that Tenerife can be very flat in places also have know folk who hire an electric scooter when they get there

im off to spain on wednesday. we try to get every year. benidorm. its very flat in the most but is some hills. you can hire mobility scooters no problem at all. we stayed in the hotel orange last year and it was great. they even had a few disabled rooms. there was a party of disabled folk with their carers staying in them and i asked one of the carers what they were like and she said very good.

costa teguese in lanzarote is pretty good also.