Best holiday destination for Wheelchair use

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been abroad since having mobility problems. I can walk short distances, but rely mainly on a mobility scooter outside. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good holiday destination in the sun, with good accessibility? I would take a wheelchair for going out and to get to the pool etc. The heat would leave me very fatigued, and walking will be quite an issue. But I would be able to get in and out if there are issues getting me in or out of somewhere.

Also, could anyone share with me what they do when it comes to getting on a beach?




Hi Tracey Apologies as I don’t have the answer for you, but I would equally like some ideas for accessible holiday destinations? I too can walk short distances, but to get out and about I need to rely on aids, especially in the heat as that would wipe me out! I’d be interested to hear others ideas. Liana xx

I just had a few days in Italy, staying in a lovely guest house near Perugia. The guest house is run by ex-pats, so there is no language barrier, and they have a large room on the ground floor with an en-suite wetroom and level access from outdoors.

Accessibility overall in Italy doesn’t seem to be as good as the UK but the guesthouse owners have had guests with mobility issues in the past and are very knowledgeable about what to see and where to go in the area.

Their website is

It’s expensive, but I found the Aphrodite Hills resort in Cyprus very good when I took the family there last year. Easy to get around in a motorised wheelchair and nice atmosphere (not too crowded). I was told it can get very hot at the peak of summer though.

Here is a good resource for you

I haven’t been, but I read an article in a magazine some time ago which stated Tenerife was one of the most disabled friendly destinations in the world! We like Playa Blanca in Lanzarote. It’s not entirely without difficulties, and I hire a mobility scooter out there which makes a huge difference, the terrain isn’t best suited for a wheelchair but once you get to know where the dropped kerbs are, and there is a definite shortage of them, we get to most of the places we want to. People are friendly and helpful. Cafés, bars and restaurants are sadly lacking in accessible toilets, but the hotels usually have them, and I’ve also found one in the shopping centre near the Marina and another at the Marina. Our choice of hotel doesn’t have the best in accessible bedrooms/bathroom, the shower being over the bath, but with my husband’s help we manage this daily difficulty, I keep saying we like a challenge. I’ve not tried to get on the beach, so can’t help there. Hand on heart I could not recommend the hotel we use for people with mobility problems, but we like it and choose to cope with the difficulties. Although it’s hot, the almost constant breeze makes it a bit less oppressive, but you can find some shade to cool down in if need be. If you are using a travel agent and/or tour operator, they can find suitable destinations and check on the facilities for you. If you are travelling independently the internet is really useful for checking out hotels etc.

Hi… I do not use a wheelchair but I have worked overseas… In Menorca and the canaries always had wheelchair users… As someone has mentioned they have drop kerbs. My main point would be to say avoid places like Egypt… The kerbs out there are like steps… With no drop points… Built this way due to the driving and stopping people driving on the kerbs!!! Which also says there is no way you want to use the roads. Good luck on your search… Lynsey x