holiday destination .....

Hello folks, I,m in an electric wheelchair, any suggestions for us, holiday destination in Europe, near to coast , restaurants, promenade, early September Stanley

you need somewhere flat.

i’m sure that Benidorm is flat and there are lots of pavement cafes/bars.

good luck and bon voyage.

Surprisingly, I’ve heard that Benidorm is ace for wheelchair users. The beach is lovely there, but of course you do have to turn your face away from all the high rise hotels!!


I go to Gran Canaria three times a year, if funds allow. We stay in a smaller, quieter fishing port called playa Mogan. It’s a very pretty, colourful place. Mainly pedestrianised and all level. Nothing higher than two stories.

Built around a small beach, harbor and marina with a local feel. I’ve been going there for years and before my diagnosis four years ago. Now an electric wheelchair user (I take a manual one for travel) I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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Majorca is good. Probably stating the obvious, but the key is finding a hotel where accessibility means accessibility. Currently on Holiday in Rhodes. My wife did tons of research, as she always does (bless her,) and seemingly found a perfect hotel. Turns out to be a nightmare. So many things wrong from an accessibility standpoint (I won’t bore you with listing them).


Research is key. don’t just take someone’s word - do it yourself, the power of google is very useful. We were looking at Palma, but it fell through. With a leccy wheelchair you want PROMENADES if you want coastal, so look out for that. Does the heat affect you? another factor to consider. Also tours: we went to Madeira and really the only way to get around was WAV taxis. And frankly, i need the loo way too often for planned tours! Research the hotel thoroughly as well. you will need a disable access bathroom and you really want to stress that when booking. It requires military planning, but it can be done and enjoyed.

Playa Blanca in Lanzarote is brilliant.Theres a very,very long walkway from one end to the other thats really good for w/c users.

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I went to Torremelinos some years ago, long flat walkways, lots of people in wheelchairs and with sticks. Flat access from the hotel to the pool, easy access to the cafes etc. One clever man in a wheelchair taught me something, got the local dry cleaning company to pick up all of his clothes the day before he came home, they cleaned them, delivered them back to the hotel all beautifully wrapped and pressed, ready for him to put in his suitcase and take home. He said he left them in there ready for the next trip.